Zavattarello, Medieval Days

Medieval Days of Zavattarello
Zavattarello Giornate Medievali
Castello Dal Verme, Zavattarello (Pavia, Lombardia region)

A weekend of feast and enchantment to relive the magical atmosphere of the Middle Ages, experiencing the daily life of a castle during the 15th century, meeting several historical characters of the period while while enjoying hands-on activities and living history displays in the unique of the Oltrepò Pavese, a land of castles and wines, nature and music....

The geographical, cultural and historical context

Zavattarello is an enchanting medieval village located in the high valley of river Tidone, where the Ligurian Apennines slope down towards the Po valley, about 35 km from Pavia and 70 km from Milan, in Lombardy region, in northern Italy. The village, which is partially surrounded by the medieval walls, preserves its original 13th century urban structure, and is overlooked by the imposing Dal Verme Castle with its 4 meters thick walls, fortified shelter, stables, glacises, church and forty rooms. The castle was built completely in stone in a strategic position on the top of a hill with a breath-taking panorama view over the beautiful surroundings with fertile green fields, deep forests, charming hills hosting other castles (Montalto Pavese, Valverde, Torre degli Alberi, Pietragavina), and the Apennine Mountains in the background.

The most famous lord of the castle was Pietro II Dal Verme (1445-1485), a famous Italian condottiero, descendant of one of the wealthiest and most powerful families of Northern Italy, and whose ghost is credited to have haunted the castle over centuries (to find out more about the dedicated event please click here). Today the Dal Verme Castle, fully restored and surrounded by a 79 hectares protected park, is home to many events, ceremonies, exhibitions, parties, conferences.

The Event

Every year around the middle of August the Dal Verme Castle comes back to its glorious past to celebrate an event linked to Pietro Dal Verme: the betrothal between him and Chiara Sforza. Two days of feast to relive the magical atmosphere of the Medieval Ages, diving in the life of a fortress during the 15th century with ladies, knights, artisans, courtspeople, the garden and the rooms are animated with battles, dances and games, with a lot of entertainments. During all the event, the Dal Verme Square in downtown Zattarello will host a medieval market, where the visitors can buy souvenirs, watch the artisans at work, try ancient games. The guided tours inside the castle rooms will be enlivened by a charming historical atmosphere thanks to the reconstruction of the daily life in the late 15th century: the visitors will have the chance to meet dancers, musicians, ladies, knights, jesters, but also to pay attention while entering the torture room... The enemies will try to besiege the castle: Pietro and his men must show all their virtue to ward off the attack.

The rich programme includes also archery contest, siege machines displays, knights' tournament, the medieval dinner at the foot of the castle (on 15th August at 8pm) with ancient dishes and the reenactors paying homage to Pietro and Chiara and their guests with dances, music, juggling, duels. The many other leisure and educational activities designed for adults and children will find a spectacular closure with fire juggling and fireworks shows for the grand finale in the Dal Verme Square.

The Programme

Please contact the Organizers for confirmation and further details.

Info & Contact

Event official website:

Castello Dal Verme
Address: Via Carlo Dal Verme 4, 27059 Zavattarello (Pavia), Italy)
Tel.: +39 0383 589132 | Mob.: +39 3381715411

Zavattarello Town Council
Address: via Vittorio Emanuele, 41 - 27059 - Zavattarello (Pavia), Italy
Tel./Fax: +39 0383 589132 - 0383 589746

Zavattarello Tourism office/Punto di informazione turistica – Pro Loco
Address: Piazza Dal Verme 1 - 27059 - Zavattarello (Pavia), Italy

Associazione Culturale Iannà Tampé
Tel.: +39 3331244495

Text and image are kindly provided by Sara Rossi

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