Zavattarello, Castle Mysteries

The Mysteries of the Castle
I Misteri del Castello
10.03, 07.04.2018
Zavattarello, Pavia (Lombardia region)

A cold night of October many centuries ago. A famous murder... an historical poisoning, that became legend. A series of inexplicable happenings. A journey to discover them. An emotional experience, a theatre play, a path in time and space, on the border between suggestion and reality for a night in the mysteries of a medieval castle in the amazing setting of a northern Italian village...

The geographical, cultural and historical context

Zavattarello is an enchanting medieval village located in the high valley of river Tidone, where the Ligurian Apennines slope down towards the Po valley, about 35 km from Pavia and 70 km from Milan, in Lombardy region, in northern Italy. The village, which is partially surrounded by the medieval walls, preserves its original 13th century urban structure, and is overlooked by the imposing Dal Verme Castle with its 4 meters thick walls, fortified shelter, stables, glacises, church and forty rooms. The castle was built completely in stone in a strategic position on the top of a hill with a breath-taking panorama view over the beautiful surroundings with fertile green fields, deep forests, charming hills hosting other castles (Montalto Pavese, Valverde, Torre degli Alberi, Pietragavina), and the Apennine Mountains in the background. The Dal Verme Castle witnessed numerous strange events that still remain unexplained and are credited to the ghost of the lord of the castle in the 15th century: Pietro II Dal Verme (1445-1485), an Italian condottiero from one of the wealthiest and most powerful families of Northern Italy.

Pietro was engaged to Chiara Sforza, the daughter of the mighty lord of Milan Galeazzo Maria Sforza, but he happened to fall in love with Cecilia Del Maino, daughter of the duchy's counsellor Andreotto. Pietro began a negotiation to marry his beloved, but the Sforza family didn't accept the idea and Galeazzo Maria ordered the arrest of Pietro for disobedience, trying to convince him to marry Chiara. Pietro was soon released thanks to Federico da Montefeltro (1422-1482, lord of Urbino, a renowned intellectual humanist and one of the most famous Italian condottieri of the period), and the marriage with Cecilia allowed. Pietro and Cecilia lived happily together for a few years only as Cecilia died in 1479. Then, since Chiara Sforza was still unmarried, in a short time the wedding between her and Pietro was celebrated. But according to contemporary chronicles the new bride never forgot she was refused a few years before and never accepted the idea to be the second choice. She decided to take her revenge. Perhaps incited by her uncle Lodovico il Moro, who would have gained a lot from Pietro's death, Chiara poisoned her husband to death on 17th October 1485.

The Event

Here where history ends, the legend begins as several inexplicable facts happened inside the Castle of Zavattarello during its long history confirmed also by numerous witnesses: moved chairs, eerily opened doors, scores disappeared during concerts, frightful sounds, male voices without a face... Paranormal research teams have scientifically investigated also the castle of Zavattarello in search of proof of the haunting: in 2013 “Hesperya” research team made several surveys inside the rooms of the castle and were able to record suspicious anomalies, and in 2014 also the researchers of “Indagatori del Paranormale (IdP) Melegnano” started their scientific data collection. And, because of the results, the surveys are going on… During the night, the participants will be guided to the special Mystery Tour, to discover the places of the legend and the strange happenings. Not a classical guided tour to tell the history and appreciate the architecture of the ancient fortress, but a real journey to discover its mysterious and obscure side. A path that will lead you along each room of the castle in a special show: be cautious because behind every corner a surprise might be waiting...

The Programme

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Text and image are kindly provided by Sara Rossi

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