Zamosc, Storming the Fortress

The Siege of Zamość Fortress, 1648 AD

The Storming of Zamość Fortress, 1648 AD
Szturm Twierdzy Zamość A.D. 1648
Zamość (Lublin voivodeship)

The Event

Zamość is situated in a forested territory crossed by rivers Wieprz and Tanev, both tributaries of the Vistula, in southeastern Poland, about 90 km from Lublin, 247 km from Warsaw and 60 km from the border with Ukraine. The city was founded in year 1580 by Jan Zamoyski (1542-1605, chancellor and “hetman”, head of the army) on the trade route linking western and northern Europe with the Black Sea, and modeled on the Renaissance theories of the “Ideal City” by the Venetian architect Bernardo Morando (1540-1600). The old town together with the remains of the Zamość Fortress is today listed among the UNESCO World Heritage Sites as a perfect and unique example of a Renaissance town of the late 16th century in Central Europe, and the great market square surrounded by arcaded houses is regarded as one of the most beautiful square in Europe.

The yearly spectacular reenactment, very well organized by the Zamość Brotherhood of Knights, is focused on the most glorious period of the Polish history, when the great kingdom known as the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth was ruling over great part of eastern Europe, from the Baltic Sea to the Black Sea. Venue of the event are the town park and the remains of the Zamość fortress, which was one of the most modern and impressive Polish strongholds during the 16th and 17th centuries together with Kamieniec Podolski (in today Ukraine). The fortress, built between 1579 and 1618, withstood several sieges over centuries until being dismantled in 1866. Between the years 1648-1657 the Commonwealth had to face the “Khmelnytsky Uprising” (from the name of hetman Bohdan Khmelnytsky), a revolt of the Ukrainian Cossacks who aimed to create an autonomous state. In November 1648 the Cossacks allied with the Crimean Tatars besieged Zamość, which managed to resist untaken despite being defended by less than 5000 men-at-arms. Every year Zamość goes back to the days of the siege with hundreds of reenactors from across the Poland and Ukraine making the visitors to relive the atmosphere of 17th century, a world of glory and wars as so vividly described in the novels of the famous writer Henryk Sienkiewicz (1846-1916). The programme includes Living History displays about the period military and civil daily life in the historical camps, archery and fencing tournaments, military maneuvers and drills, dance and music shows, and of course the great battle reenactment of the Siege of Zamość.

The Programme

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Info & Contact

Zamość Brotherhood of Knights
Zamojskie Bractwo Rycerskie
Address: ul.Ormiańska 30 22-400 Zamość, Poland
Tel.: +48 695 948 165 (Margaret Momot), +48 697 269 166 (Leszek Sobuś)
Facebook: Szturm-Twierdzy-Zamość-1533342253638711

Zamość Town Council

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