Yli-Ii, Kierikkikeskus


Kierikkikeskus Kierikki Stone Age Village  

Yli-Ii - Oulu (Northern Ostrobothnia region), FINLAND


The Kierikki Centre and the reconstructed Stone Age Village, located on the banks of the river Iijoki about 55 kilometres from Oulu, form a unique combination telling about Finnish prehistory. All services are both in English and Finish. Kierikki is both a museum and a touristic centre and was opened in September 2001.


The Stone Age Centre includes an exhibition building which is the largest modern log building in Finland. Besides the main building there are a hotel complex and a prehistoric area of two square kilometres with reconstructions. There the visitors will find a Neolithic site with over 40 dwelling remains (large depressions on the ground) and a reconstructed Stone Age village of several houses including a Neolithic row house and also a trap line path with historical traps.


The Village had originally different kinds of buildings, single and semi-detached houses. Sometimes large row houses were built, which is a unique specialty of Kierikki. The buildings in the Stone Age Village are being reconstructed according to the research data obtained from archaeological excavations. 


Ongoing excavations, an archaeological exhibition with finds dating up to 5,000 BC, as well as hands-on activities at the Stone Age Village enhance the fascinating view of how people lived in Stone Age Finland. Ancient tales come alive in the Village atmosphere. At the stone smith's workshop, the visitors can test out how an arrowhead is formed with sand and water, and the ancient shooting range is inviting to try their skills. During the summer also sailing in an ancient-style boat is offered, among other activities.



Info & Contact Kierikki Stone Age Centre Address: Pahkalantie 447 A, 91200 Yli-Ii, Oulu municipality, Northern Ostrobothnia region, Finland Tel.: +358 855858265 Fax: +358 88170494 E-mail: info@kierikki.com Web: http://www.kierikki.fi  Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/kierikki 



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