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Maritime Woodbridge
09,10.09.2017 to be confirmed (biennial event, 2016 edition cancelled)
Woodbridge (Suffolk county)

a spectacular event organised by and for the community of Woodbridge celebrating the town’s maritime and riverside heritage from Anglo-Saxon times to the present day...

The Event

Woodbridge is a town in Suffolk, East Anglia, located not far from the coast, along the River Deben. Woodbridge incorporates probably the most important Anglo-Saxon burial site in the United Kingdom - the Sutton Hoo, dating back to the 6-7th century, with the royal burial ship. With 1400 years of recorded history, the town of Woodbridge has retained an interesting variety of historical architecture, making it an interesting town just to walk around.

Every two years in September Woodbridge celebrates its maritime and riverside heritage from Anglo-Saxon times to the present day. The festival started as a part of National Heritage Open Days, but for its success it was decided to spin it off as a separate entity. The visitors can experience various displays and theme demonstrations, illustrating everyday activities, crafts and battles of the ancient peoples. The event is dedicated to a specific theme every year, among the past themes there are, for example, customs and life of Anglo-Saxons, Norman and Viking invasions.

The Programme

Please contact the Organizers for confirmation and further details.

Info & Contact

Maritime Woodbridge Association
Address: Sun Wharf, Deben Road, Woodbridge, IP12 1AZ, United Kingdom
E-mail: info@maritimewoodbridge.org
Web: http://www.maritimewoodbridge.org.uk/

Image: Maritime Woodbridge Association
Text sources: Maritime Woodbridge Association

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