Winter Gallery: Experience winter through images & music!


Winter, a white and cold season for Europe in the year. A powerful ruler of snow, wind and ice. A glorious white magic called on to purify the world. Winter keeps all people's emotions: from a freezing despair to a pure joy and hope, and it gives a special inspiration, evoking fresh, indigenous ideas and dreams, strengthening the soul and promising a chance for renewal and alteration. Winter knows to be hard and violent, but it is always open and giving a lot to an inspired heart.


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Winter Inspirations (video & photo gallery)

In this gallery beautiful music dedicated to winter is presented in harmony with enchanting images and interpretations of its countless wonders.

Winter in Europe (video from different countries)

Wonderful landscapes, colours and white emotions of winter: experience various locations around Europe in winter setting. We will travel from the Nord to the South.




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Image: Winter landscape (detail)
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