Waterloo, Battle AD 1815

The Battle of Waterloo, AD 1815
La Bataille de Waterloo 1815
Dates 2020 to be announced (the event is held every 5 years, last edition in 2015 on the occasion of the 200th anniversary)
Waterloo (Brabant Wallonia region)

The Event

The Battle of Waterloo features as one of the greatest battles in European history, the final confrontation between France and the rest of Europe, between Napoleon’s troops and those of Wellington and Blücher, marking the fall of Napoleon and opening the way towards a new era of peace in Europe. It took place on 18th June 1815.

Situated close to Brussels, the Waterloo Battlefield has been preserved almost as it was in 1815. The Lion Mound Hamlet is now home to the Visitors’ Centre. It is the starting point for discovering the battlefield. Lion Mound, the Panorama, the Audiovisual Presentation, the Visitors’ Centre’s Film, along with the Wax Museum, will all help the visitor relive the famous Battle of Waterloo.

Every five years, thousands of re-enactors from all over the world gather for a magnificent reenactment of the Battle. During the three days of the event the bivouacs of different troops are open, where the visitors can discover the soldiers’ everyday life and the imperial atmosphere. The soldiers explain their activities and demonstrate weapons and equipment. The Plancenoit’s fights are reenacted, and on Sunday the soldiers leave their bivouacs for the great battle between the Napoleonic troops and the ones of Wellington and Blücher.

The Programme

Please contact the Organizers for confirmation and further details.

Info & Contact

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Memorial 1815 Waterloo Battlefield
Location: Route du Lion 315, B-1410 Waterloo (20 minutes from Brussels)
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Text sources: Memorial 1815, Wikipedia


Waterloo on Google Maps:



Video reportages and promos of the event:

The 200th anniversary battle reenactment: on June 18-20, 2015, thousands of reenactors gathered at Waterloo to commemorate the bicentenary of one of the most important battles in European history.



A short photo-presentation of the 2010 reconstruction of the Battle of Waterloo:



In the thick of battle! Trailer of the 4D film for the new Memorial of the Battle of Waterloo. Giant, panoramic curved screen of 25m. In 3D and with special effects. Directed by Gérard Corbiau. Produced by La Belle Alliance:





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