Wallsbüll, Viking Market

Schlacht bei Wallsbüll und Wikingermarkt
Battle of Wallsbüll & Viking Market
Wikingerdorf - Wallsbüll, Flensburg (Schleswig-Holstein state)

The Event

Wallsbüll is located about 20 km from Flensburg, in Schleswig-Holstein state, in northern Germany, close to the North and Baltic Seas, the enchanting island of Sylt and Denmark as well. The town is beautifully nestled in the scenic glacial valley of river Wallsbek with its pure and healthy waters, in a rural and picturesque landscape enriched by 390 acres of forests and millennia-old oak coppicing woods. Wallsbüll, which boasts a thick network of forest trails dedicated to hiking, biking and horse-riding, is also home to a nearly completed faithful replica of a Viking Age farmstead, the Valsgaard Viking Village with already 8 wooden Viking-style buildings, including the 16 meters chieftain’s longhouse, a palisades system, a forge, a storehouse, a pit house, and a barn. The buildings, which cover the period from about 700 to 1100 AD, have been faithfully reconstructed, combining ancient building techniques and modern safety standards, by the volunteers of the local nonprofit organization Valsgaard e.V. supported by the Wallsbüll community and EU funds.

Besides the many leisure and educational initiatives scheduled all year round and the special programmes tailored for schoolchildren, in spring and summertime the Valsgaard Viking village hosts several main events, such as the Viking Market, the archery tournament and the “Battle of Wallsbüll", which takes place on the 3rd weekend in August every year since 2007 aiming to show the daily life of the Vikings in a clear and highly interactive way thanks to hundreds of reenactors coming from all over Germany, Scandinavia and Poland. The visitors can really get a glimpse into the history and culture of the ancient Vikings wandering around the medieval village and meeting several historical characters of the period. Furthermore the visitors can also join the guided tours illustrating the recent updates about the ongoing construction works and the future plans. The festival rich programme includes Living History displays in the historical camps, demonstrations of historical building techniques, ancient arts and crafts workshops (metal forging, wood carving, wool spinning, textiles weaving and dyeing, historical cooking and gardening, etc), historical cuisine with food and drink tasting, many leisure and educational activities for adults and children, including Viking Age skill and board games, ax and spear throwing, archery and combat training, and yet storytelling, period music and dance shows, performances of jugglers and other street artists. Absolutely interesting and advisable is also a walk among the colourful stalls of the marketplace, where friendly artisans and merchants show their goods and wares all faithfully reproduced according to historical techniques and patterns. This way the visitors have the chance to discover how wood, leather, metal, gemstones and other raw materials were processed into tools, garments and jewellery about 1,000 years ago. There are also themed exhibitions, a mini Viking battle and many other open-air events for children. The highlight of the event is represented by the great battle reenactment showing the weapons and the fighting techniques of the brave Viking warriors.

The Programme

Please contact the Organizers for confirmation and further details.

Info & Contact

Valsgaard e.V.
Helga Pitroff
Address: Süderfeld 10c - 24980 Schafflund, Germany
Tel.: +49 04639441
E-mail: info.valsgaard@gmail.com
Web: www.valsgaard.de
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Valsgaard-Fr%C3%BChmittelalterliche-Hofanlage-414377685341472/

Wallsbüll town council
Address: Flensburger Straße 10 - 24980 Wallsbüll, Germany
Tel.: +49 04639250
Fax: +49 046397448
E-mail: online contact form
Web: www.wallsbuell.de/

Schafflund Town Council
Address: Tannenweg 1 - 24980 Schafflund, Germany
Tel.: +49 04639700
Fax: +49 046397030
E-mail: info@amt-schafflund.de
Web: www.amt-schafflund.de

Image: Valsgaard e.V.
Text sources: Wallsbüll Town council, Wikipedia, Valsgaard e.V.


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