Vizille, Revolution Festival

Revolution Festival at Vizille, AD 1788
Les Fêtes Révolutionnaires de Vizille
Vizille (Rhône-Alpes region)

The Event

Vizille is a commune in the Isère department in south-eastern France. Vizille is home to the Musée de la Révolution Française, a rich depository of archival and rare materials devoted to the French Revolution, housed in the Château de Vizille.

The site is especially suitable for its museum since the château had been purchased by a wealthy bourgeois of Grenoble, Claude Perier, and hosted the Assemblée des notables, which couldn’t be held at Grenoble anymore, after the riots in the city. A meeting was therefore arranged for 21 July 1788 and, known as the Assembly of Vizille, this event is considered a real birth of the French Revolution. In launching his solemn appeal to the entire nation, the Assembly of Three Orders had not only shown a willingness to defeat the royal power; it had also traced the path to social change and a new political and moral order. The Revolution Festival at Vizille, that commemorates this turning point in the French history, invites the visitors to enjoy this trip back in time by experiencing storytelling, local dancing, revolution banquet, various shows, conferences and workshops, as well as revolution bivouacs, entertainment and street theater.

The Programme

Please contact the Organizers for confirmation and further details.

Info & Contact

Bureau d’Information Touristique Vizille
Place du Château, 38220 Vizille
Isère department, Rhône-Alpes region
Tel.: +33 476681516



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