Villeneuve-Loubet, Renaissance

Renaissance Festival: Renaissance Evenings at the Village
Fête la Renaissance: Soirées Renaissance au Village
Villeneuve-Loubet (Provence-Alpes-Côte d'Azur region)

The Event

Villeneuve-Loubet is a small town on the Cote d’Azur, at the mouth of the Loup River, a beautiful location on the sunny Mediterranean coast of France, with the important traces of history.

The Renaissance Festival held in the town is based on the historical events of the 16th century, related to the arrival of the King of France, Francis I, invited by Pope Paul III to sign the Truce of Nice with the Emperor Charles V, King of Spain, and of the Holy Roman German Empire. The negotiations put an end to the Italian War of 1536-1538, part of the long Italian Wars of the 16th century between France and Spain for the supremacy in Europe and the possession of great parts of Italy. The two kings refused to sit in the same room together, such was their hatred, so the negotiations were carried out by Pope Paul III going from room to room, trying to reach an agreement.

The Festival in Villeneuve-Loubet opens with the royal procession along the city. Francis I is hosted by Countess Anne of Tende and granted the keys of the city. Then the great celebration starts, with music, jokers, games and entertainment, lasting until the royal dinner. Jesters, acrobats, fire eaters, musicians, dancers, beggars and other characters invade the streets and squares of the city, and the staged spectacle "La Grande Histoire des Villeneuvois" enchants the public. The program includes also the tournaments of archers and men-at-arms, equestrian displays and battle reenactment.

The Programme

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Info & Contact

Association François Ier à Villeneuve-Loubet
Espace associatif municipal – 9, avenue de la Liberté, 06270, Villeneuve-Loubet, Alpes-Maritimes department, France
Tel.: +33 (0)4 92026610 | (0)4 93088092
Web: http://villeneuve-renaissance.comFacebook:

Villeneuve-Loubet Town Council / Commune de Villeneuve-Loubet
Address: Place de l'Hôtel de Ville, BP 59 - 06271 Villeneuve Loubet
Tel.: +33 (0)4 92026000

Image: Association François Ier à Villeneuve-Loubet
Text sources: Association François Ier à Villeneuve-Loubet, Wkipedia, Villeneuve-Loubet Town Council


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