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Hvolris Jernalderlandsby Hvolris Iron Age Village Møldrup - Viborg (Midtyjlland region), DENMARK



The town of Møldrup lies about 20 km west of Hobro and 21 km north of Viborg, which us the capital of region Midtjylland, the second-largest Danish municipality, and one of the oldest cities in Denmark boasting Viking settlements dating back to the late 8th century.


The area hosts traces of Stone Age stone circles and mounds from the Bronze Age house sites and well-preserved tombs from the Iron Age as well as a medieval haven. In addition an Iron Age village has been built consisting of 3 residential houses and 2 smaller constructions, all accurately reconstructed. There is also a museum with a permanent exhibition, a shop and a cafe, and a culture grove.


The Hvolris Iron Age Village is an experience centre and an excursion site, consisting both of an archaeological area and a reconstructed Iron Age village, set on 18 hectares of natural land along the valley of the river Skals with archaeological excavations, a sculpture park, a playground and plenty of animals. Today Hvolris has become a family attraction, where visitors can choose from a wide range of live-in activities and workshops animated by interpreters and reenactors.


The Hvolris Village hosts several events like "A Day in the Iron Age" and the "Archaeology Day", as well as guided tours, ancient games, role plays, workshops (forging, archery, woodworking, manufacturing ceramics, wool, wattle, toys and leather), and a wealth of other initiatives which make the visitors to first-hand experience the daily works and chores from the Iron Age dealing with pottery or textiles according to ancient techniques.



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Hvolris Jernalderlandsby
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