Verona, AD 1797

Le Pasque Veronesi... quando Verona insorse contro Napoleone (17-25 Aprile 1797)
The Veronese Easters… when Verona rose up against Napoleon (April 17-25, 1797)
23.04.2017 - 220th anniversary
Verona (Veneto region)

The Event

Verona is located at the foot of the Lessini mountains along the banks of the river Adige, about 30 km from the Lake of Garda. Verona boasts a very ancient history: the territory was inhabitated already during the Neolithic Age as witnessed by archaeological findings, while the city, which is supposed to have been founded by Gauls, ancient Venetians or Etruscans, developed later as a flourishing Roman municipium and strategic crossroad of the main trade routes. Today Verona belongs to the main tourist destinations in Italy thanks to its artistic and historical heritage, as well as the rich calendar of event featuring fairs, shows and operas all year long. Verona has also been awarded world heritage site status by UNESCO because of its urban structure and architecture that inspired painters, poets, travelers and celebrities over centuries.

Every year in spring Verona hosts a great historical event celebrating an important episode of its history: the general uprising in Verona and in its surroundings against the Napoleonic troops on 17th April, 1797, on Easter Monday, thus called the Veronese Easters. During Napoleon’s first Italian Campaign, after having crushed the allied Piedmontese and Austrian armies and occupied Piedmont and Lombardy, the French troops chased the Austrians on their retreat eastwards. The Austrians, violating the neutrality of the Venetian Republic, entered its territory and occupied the fortress of Peschiera. Napoleon, in turn, took back Peschiera and entered in Verona on 1st June, 1796, occupying the military strong-points and billeting troops in other buildings. Ten months later, on 17th April, 1797, at the shout of "Viva San Marco!" the city rose up against the oppressive behaviour of the French soldiers who were forced to seek refuge in the city castles. But after a week of battles and fighting, house by house, in the streets and around the fortress, the revolt ended on April 25th with the encirclement of Verona by 15,000 French soldiers. The rich programme relives that heroic uprising, and includes Roman rite mass and ceremonies in memory of the victims, torch-light processions and great historical parades through the streets, guided visits to Austro-Venetian and French military camps, itineraries in the footsteps of the Veronese Easters, and, thanks to hundreds reenactors the faithful reenactment of the arrival of the French army in Verona and the following skirmishes with the Austro-Venetian troops helped by the Veronese.

The Programme

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Info & Contact

Comitato per le celebrazioni delle Pasque Veronesi
Address: Via L. Montano 1 - 37131 Verona
Tel.: +39 3290274315 - 3473603084
Fax: +39 045 7134171

Associazione Napoleonica d'Italia
Address: Piazza F. Poggi 1 - 37040 Arcole (Verona)

Comune di Verona
Address: Piazza Bra 1 - 37121 Verona
Tel.: +39 045 8077111 (centralino)
Fax: +39 045 8066483 (protocollo generale)

Ufficio Turismo
Tel.: +39 045 8077774 +39 045 8077533
Fax: +39 045 8077239

Provincia di Verona - IAT Verona
Address: Via degli Alpini, 9 - 37121 Verona
Tel.: +39 045 8068680
Fax: +39 045 8003638

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