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Welcome! The Carnival of Venice, representing old cultural and folklore traditions of the city, involves its guests and participants into a majestic world of expressive masks, colourful dresses and exciting events. The Carnival evokes a wide range of emotions: from the unexpected joy to the disquiet in front of a mysterious mask, from the feeling of lightness to the strange empathy to an extremely sad "mask", from the kingly serenity to a strong desire to discover the soul that is hidden under silk, velvet and papier-mâché...


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Carnival of Venice


Colourful Carnival: enchanting, gorgeous, silent, expressive, sometimes curious and sometimes tricky couples that tell their own stories on the occasion of the feast. 




Masked Souls: one of the numerous tries to catch a shadow of the soul under the mask. 




The "faces" of Carnival: each one tells its own story, covered by a veil of the secret barely visible in the depth of the eyes or in an invisible smile.




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