Varberg, Medieval Days

Medieval Days in Varberg Fortress
Medeltidsdagar på Varbergs fästning
Varberg (Halland county)

The Event

Varberg Fortress was erected in the 1280's as part of a chain of military establishments along the coast, in what was then Danish territory. In the middle of the 14th century, the old settlement "Getakärr" 1 km north of the fortress took from it its new name. Today Varberg is a locality and the seat of Varberg Municipality in Halland County of Sweden.

The Fortress and County Museum are animated with life during the annual Medieval Days, that attract over 6000 visitors to experience Varberg Fortress in a typical surrounding and meet fishermen, knights, weavers, nuns, archers and squires. The exciting tournaments bring the spectators into the world of knights. The medieval market is presented by the potters, blacksmiths, tanners, bakers, silversmiths and many other artisans and vendors. The medieval entertainment is to be experienced through music, dance and acrobatic performances.

The Programme

Please contact the Organizers for confirmation and further details.

Info & Contact

Hallands kulturhistoriska museum
Varbergs Fästning
432 44 Varberg, Halland County
Tel.: +46 34082842 (Gunilla Uhlmann), +46 34082833 (Inger Alebo)



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