Urych, TuStan Festival

Tu Stan! Festival of Ukrainian medieval culture
Фестиваль української середньовічної культури «Ту Стань!»
Urych village (Lviv region)

The Event

Tustan is an ancient town-fortress in the rock, located in Carpathian mountains, in Skolivsky district, just near Urych village, about 100 km from Lviv. The Urych rocks are 55 million years old. During the 9th-16th centuries, there was a town on rocks – Tustan fortress. This strategic point of the Carpathian defensive line was a combined customs, administrative and military center. Fortifications were constructed on Kamin Rock, Ostryi Kamin and Mala Skelya. Wooden constructions of the castle were fixed in hollowed stone grooves. The building is no longer preserved, but thanks to the marks it is possible to recreate the authentic fortress.

Tustan State Historical and Cultural Reserve was founded to preserve and develop Tustan. Today, the reserve ensures protection, research, reconstruction, presentation and is responsible for the promotion of the monument.

The Festival “TuStan!” is held to recreate and preserve the Ukrainian medieval culture and the unique heritage of the legendary town-fortress. “Tu Stan!” Festival is the main summer event which gathers a lot of friends from all over the world for many years. Annually, at the first weekend of August, knights, craftsmen and buffoons compete for mastership, share their craftsman secrets, and invite guests to amusements, chants, dances and other entertainments. Everyone who arrives at “Tu Stan!” Festival becomes an immediate participant of the medieval event.

The Programme

Please contact the Organizers for confirmation and further details.

Info & Contact

Tustan State Historical and Cultural Reserve
Address: 82612 Urych, Skole district, Lviv region
Tel.: +38 (067) 671 33 45
E-mail: info@tustan.ua
Web (in Ukrainian): http://www.tustan.com.ua
Web (in English): http://tustan.strikingly.com/

TuStan! Festival of Ukrainian medieval culture
Tel.: +38 (067) 282 00 62
E-mail: festival@tustan.ua
Web: http://tustan.ua/tu-stan/
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/tustan.ua/

Image: TuStan! Festival, Tustan State Historical and Cultural Reserve, Wikipedia
Text sources: TuStan! Festival


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