Tykocin, The Battle AD 1657

Assalut at the Tykocin castle AD 1657
Szturm zamku w Tykocinie z 1657 roku
Tykocin (Podlaskie Voivodeship)

the only winter historical event scheduled in Poland reenacting events, characters and customs from the Deluge period (the Swedish and Russian invasion of the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth, 1654-1667). A time travel back to January 1657 AD, when the Tykocin castle, in the hands of the Radziwiłł magnate dinasty who favored the Swedes, was besieged and captured by hetman Sapieha's army...

Geographical, cultural and historical context

Tykocin is a quiet and charming town located along the left bank of the Narew river, (a tributary of the Vistula river, split into many branches forming a complicated net of tangled riverbeds, a real aquatic labyrinth, thus called the Polish Amazon), about 30 km from Bialystok, in north-eastern Poland, preciselty in the Podlaskie Voivodeship, famous for its primeval forest located in the heart of the Bialowieza National Park, home to wolves, lynx and the last wild European bison. Tykocin hosted in the past one of the biggest and wealthiest Jewish communities in Poland, and reached its heyday during the 18th century, being called the “pearl of Baroque” thanks to its fine architectures which includes the well preserved Synagogue with the old Jewish cemetery, the remarkable Holy Trinity Church, the pride of the town. To the main sights belongs also the Tykocin Royal Castle, a 15th century fortress partially reconstructed in 2005. During the 16th century Tykocin became one of the most favorite properties of Sigismund II Augustus (1520-1572, King of Poland and Grand Duke of Lithuania), who let the former medieval castle be rebuilt in Renaissance style to serve as fortified residence, main arsenal of the troops and also treasury for his own impressive collection of books, jewels and tapestries.

Event description and programme

Every year in April the Tykocin castle, one of the mightiest fortresses in lowland Poland in the 16th and 17th centuries, is home to a great historical reenactment commemorating the siege at the time of the great wars between the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth and the Kingdom of Sweden, a rising power in the Baltic area expanding also on the mainland. During the Swedish invasion of Poland-Lithuania, Tykocin castle was in the hands of the Swedes after Prince Janusz Radziwiłł (1612–1655, a Polish-Lithuanian nobleman and powerful magnate) decided to side with the Swedish king. But Radziwiłł died soon after in the Tykocin castle besieged by the loyal Commonwealth troops led by Stefan Czarniecki (1599-1665, a Polish-Lithuanian nobleman and military commander regarded as a Polish national hero) and Paweł Jan Sapieha (1609-1665, a Polish-Lithuanian nobleman and Grand Hetman of Lithuania). The Polish-Lithuanians managed to take back the castle after defeating Radziwiłł's forces in the battle fought on 27th January, 1657 AD.

The programme includes exhibitions, lectures and seminars, military maneuvers and drills, troops training and recruitments, demonstrations of fencing, archery tournaments and the military parade in the castle courtyard. Headline of the event is the great battle reenactment on Sunday featuring Polish and Swedish artillery, cavalry and infantry units, like light and armored horsemen, pikemen and musketeers. The stages of the battle are being accurately reconstructed until the arrival of the Polish reinforcements by boat from the river surrounding and defeating the enemy. The audience will have the chance of a deep insight into the civil and military daily life of the period by visiting the vast historical camps, and to enjoy also this quiet and pleasant place rich in flora and fauna thanks to the location itself of Tykocin near the Knyszyńska and Narew natural parks.

Please contact the Organizers for confirmation and further details.

Info & Contact

Zdobycie Tykocina 1655-1657
Facebook: https://pl-pl.facebook.com/ZdobycieTykocina

Tykocin Town Council
Web: http://tykocin.podlaskie.pl/

Tykocin Castle / Zamek w Tykocinie
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Tel.: +48 726 520 777
E-mail: biuro@zamekwtykocinie.pl
Web: http://www.zamekwtykocinie.pl/

Dobroni - Portal of History and Historical Reenactment
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Reenactment Calendar
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Konflikty - Historical-Military Portal
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Image: http://www.monki.com.pl/
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