Trelleborg, Viking Fortress

Trelleborgens Vikingamuseum
Trelleborg Viking Fortress and Museum
Trelleborg (Skåne county), SWEDEN

Trelleborg is the southernmost municipality in Sweden, located at the heart of the two regions of Öresund and the South Baltic, about 20 minutes from Malmö Airport, 30 minutes from the Öresund Bridge, and an hour from downtown Copenhagen. With close on 43,000 inhabitants, Trelleborg is Sweden's fiftieth largest municipality. For residents and tourists alike, the town offers high quality of life, while close to the pulse of the big city but with all the advantages of the small town, as well as a wide range of leisure and educational activities. Finally, a 32 km long coastline provides a magnificent countryside experience.

Trelleborg derives its origins from the Viking Age, and nowadays the reconstructed ring castle from is one of the major tourist magnets. In 1988 an archaeological find was discovered which added a chapter to the history of the city of Trelleborg. At the highest point of the city, traces of a ring wall dating back to the Viking Age was found. With this find, also the name of the present-day city was explained: a “Trelleborg” was a collective name for ring fortresses with soldiers. The fortress was built in the 980s – most probably on orders from Harald "Bluetooth" Gormsson (c.958-c.986), who was the king of Denmark and Norway, united dissonant Danish tribes into a single kingdom and, according to legend, introduced also Christianity in the country (to find out more please visit the dedicated Wikipedia page). That one was a period full of chaos and wars and the strategic location of the fortress was chosen as a place from which the coast and the countryside could be controlled.

The Trelleborg as it exists today is a faithful reconstruction from 1995, based on archaeological finds, crafts traditions and educated guesses. A quarter lies exactly in the middle of the modern city and keeps a reconstructed medieval house which was also found on the spot. Outside the fortress, there is a Viking yard with some houses and buildings. The Trelleborg is not just a goal for tourists and a landmark for the city, besides that it is a museum for living history with room for experimental archaeology, presentations and education. It is also a historical meeting place for people at present, and it is already for more than 1,000 years. Every year in summer the Trelleborg is also home to a great historical event: the Trelleborg Viking Market and Battle (to find out more about the event, please visit our dedicated page, click here).

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Trelleborgen Viking Museum / Trelleborgens vikingamuseum
Address: Västra Vallgatan 6, 23164 Trelleborg, Sweden
Tel.: +46 410733021

Trelleborg Municipality / Trelleborgs kommun
Address: 23183 Trelleborg, Sweden
Tel.: +46 0410 733000

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