Trelleborg, Viking Battle

Slaget om Trelleborgen med Vikingamarknad
The Battle of Trelleborgen and Viking Market
Trelleborg (Skåne county)

a step back into the age of Vikings with all its sights, sounds and smells to meet Vikings from all over the Nordic, experience an exciting battle and enjoy a crafts market with fabrics, jewellery, and goods from near and far, and the opportunity to try some live-in activities...


Geographical, cultural and historical context

Trelleborg is the southernmost town in Sweden, and the fiftieth largest municipality with close on 43,000 inhabitants. The town is located at the heart of the two regions of Öresund and the South Baltic, about twenty minutes from Malmö Airport, thirty minutes from the Öresund Bridge, an hour from downtown Copenhagen. Trelleborg offers quality of life, while close to the pulse of the big city, but with all the advantages of the small town, as well as a wide range of leisure and educational activities. Last but not least the 32 km long coastline provides a magnificent countryside experience.

The real landmark of the town is the Trelleborgen, a reconstructed Viking ring-fortress and village from the time of Harald Bluetooth, which is an impressive open-air museum for living history with room for experimental archaeology, presentations and education. There visitors can explore a faithfully reconstructed historical environment with imposing fortifications and a yard with furnished houses and other buildings. To find out more about the site, please visit our dedicated page: Trelleborg Viking Fortress. Most likely it was part of King Harald "Bluetooth"’s military system aimed to strengthen the royal power in Denmark subduing minor kings and local chieftains. Harald "Bluetooth" Gormsson (c.958-c.986), who was King of Denmark and Norway, united dissonant Danish tribes into a single kingdom and, according to legend, introduced also Christianity in the country (to find out more please visit the related Wikipedia page).


Event description and programme

Every year in summer the Trelleborgen ring castle is home to a great living history event: the Trelleborg Viking Market and Battle. Vikings come from far and wide to pitch their tents and market stalls and to showcase their skills. The visitors can enjoy a genuine and historically accurate Viking market, exciting hands-on activities and of course meet the Vikings! The rich programme includes as well Viking wedding ceremonies, Viking crafts displays and workshops, Viking Age games and cuisine with food and drink from the period, music and dance shows, combat reenactment and martial arts, exciting guided tours and finally the reenactment of a large Viking battle.

Please contact the Organizers for confirmation and further details.

Info & Contact

Trelleborgen History Museum
Address: Västra Vallgatan 6, 23164 Trelleborg, Sweden
Tel.: +46 410733021

Trelleborg Municipality / Trelleborgs Kommun
Address: 23183 Trelleborg, Sweden
Tel.: +46 410733000

Image: copyright Per Lindahl via Trelleborgs Allehanda
Text sources: Trelleborgen History Museum, Wikipedia


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