Travo, Prehistoric Festival

Festival of Prehistoric Revival
Archaeological Park, Travo (Emilia-Romagna region)


a day of Prehistoric live interpretation performances time-travelling back to the Prehistory to meet our Neolithic forefathers in the enchanting natural scenery of the Italian Apennines…


Geographical, cultural and historical context

Travo is a picturesque village located along the river Trebbia with its crystal clear waters flowing in one of the most beautiful valleys of the Apennines, about 25km from Piacenza and 150 km from Bologna, in Emilia Romagna region. Travo, which boasts a rich natural and historical heritage, is also home to the Archaeological Park and Neolithic Village extended over one hectare and devoted to show and preserve the pre-historical structures dug up during the archaeological excavations which have been carried on in the area since the year 1995. Remains of the original structures and newly reconstructed Neolithic dwellings give the visitors a vivid and accurate image of a real prehistoric village. The dwellings are all furnished with authentic copies of objects of the period found in this area.


Event description and programme

Each year the Neolithic Village of Travo holds a really unique event in Europe, "Preistorica”, an amazing living history event offering a deep insight into the daily life of a Neolithic community of farmers and hunters within the reconstructed village. The full size buildings, as well as the artefacts and the furniture, are all based on the interpretation of the archaeological “ground remains” of the ancient settlement brought to light during the excavation campaigns in the area. The Reenactors accurately portray habits and customs of our prehistoric ancestors while carrying out daily activities typical of the period.

The displays of ancient rites, ceremonies and combats give the visitors an opportunity to learn and experience the realm of human behaviour related to the symbolism and the beliefs of the prehistoric period. There are also stands devoted to themed exhibitions, sale of handmade goods and also to interactive demonstrations of prehistoric and historic technologies and crafts. Finally, the programme includes leisure and educational initiatives especially dedicated to the children, therefore more playfully characterized, such as the workshops of prehistoric craft at the "children’s village". The festival ends with a theatrical play.

Please contact the Organizers for confirmation and further details.

Info & Contact

Association/organization name: Archeotravo Cooperativa Sociale
Address: Villaggio Neolitico di Travo, Via del mulino, 29020 Travo (Piacenza), Italy
Tel.: +39 3208749216 - 3332222739

Image: ArcheoTravo
Text sources: Archeotravo, Wikipedia

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