Trancoso, Historical Festival

Historical festival in Trancoso
Festa da História
Trancoso (Region Centro)

The Event

Trancoso, located in the District of Guarda, Region Centro, Portugal, invites to a Historical Festival with more than 250 participants, bringing to life the medieval past and traditions of the city.

During the Festival, the ancient Trancoso hosts areas devoted to crafts and workshops, military camps, old taverns, battle demonstrations, street performances, music and dances. The historical parade, involving nobles, beggars, warriors, merchants, princes and princesses, is dedicated to the royal wedding of King Denis of Portugal (1261–1325) and infant Elizabeth of Aragon (1271–1336) who would become Saint Elizabeth of Portugal. Then the actual wedding ceremony is reenacted, recalling the event of 1282. The festivities are interrupted by an intrusion of the Spanish and an encounter, until their expulsion from the castle. The great tournament between the Castilian and Portuguese knights follows, putting an end to the encounter. The celebration goes on with a sumptuous medieval banquet, with music and dances, followed by a fireshow.

The Programme

Please contact the Organizers for confirmation and further details.

Info & Contact

Trancoso Eventos, Escola Profissional de Trancoso, Raia Histórica, Câmara Municipal de Trancoso, Associações do Concelho
Tel: +351 271 811 147



Video Trailer to the Festival 2016:



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