Trakai Medieval Festival

Trakai Medieval Festival
Viduramžių šventė Trakų
Trakai (Vilnius County)

The Event

Located 28 km west from the Lithuanian capital Vilnius, the city of Trakai is a popular lake resort and tourist destination. Trakai History Museum is situated in a natural scenery spot, in the most famous complex of Lithuanian defensive architecture, in two Castles – Island and Peninsular. During 55 years of active working practice there were saved huge archaeological, numismatic, handwritings collections, arts and crafts, historical collections of showpieces in the funds of the museum, which reflect Lithuanian and world history.

Each year Trakai History Museum recreates the medieval town spirit with market stalls, respectable merchants and ladies, craftsmen workshops, theatre and clanging of knights’ armour and swords. Jousting and scenes from medieval life are represented by knights from Lithuania, Poland, Belarus and Russia. The festival features also concerts of medieval music and dance, folk-rock, spectacular shows, games and master classes for children.

The Programme

Please contact the Organizers for confirmation and further details.

Info & Contact

Trakai History Museum
Address: Trakai Peninsula Castle, Trakai, Vilnius County
Tel.: +37052855297, +37052853945
Fax: +37052855288






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