Tortosa, Renaissance Festival

Renaissance Festival in Tortosa
Festa del Renaixement de Tortosa 
Tortosa (Catalonia aut. region)


a unique and fascinating event with a long history making a beautiful Spanish town to become a great stage allowing the audience to time-travel back to the splendour of the 16th century thanks to the involvement of over 3,000 local residents, dressed up in period costumes, and a rich programme of around sixty performances every day featuring more than 500 actors and reenactors...

Event description and programme

In the second half of July, Tortosa celebrates the Renaissance Festival. Under the title "the Splendour of a 16th Century City", the Festival commemorates, through a wide range of cultural and recreational activities, the historical period of the 16th century, one of the most interesting periods in the Tortosa city’s existence.

Thanks to the rich artistic and cultural heritage of the 16th century, every year Tortosa can be transported to a now disappeared world of aromas, flavours and customs. The old town is transformed; noble buildings and ancient walls are extravagantly adorned while the people finish building their taverns, preparing the ovens and getting their period costumes ready; the attorneys –the local government- and noble families show off and strut through the streets of the city they rule. Artists, musicians and travellers liven up the streets and animate the palaces and noble buildings of the city with shows and performances. Itinerant groups and other interpreters recreate the daily life of the Modern Age in their camps or workshops, where they live during the Festival. Several performances are held throughout the day with any street, square or corner turning into a stage, while all sorts of acts and ceremonies take place, including street parades and jousts.

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Info & Contact

La Festa del Renaixement Tortosa
Address: C. St. Felip Neri 1, 43500 Tortosa, Tarragona, Spain
Tel.: +34 977440901 | Fax: +34 977444928

Tortosa Tourism / Tortosa Tourisme
Address: Rambla Felip Pedrell, 3 (Museu de Tortosa), 43500 Tortosa, Spain
Tel.: +34 977449648

Tortosa Town Council / Ajuntament de Tortosa
Address: Pl. d'Espanya, 1, 43500 Tortosa, Spain
Tel.: +34 977 58 58 00

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Text sources: La Festa del Renaixement Tortosa, Tortosa Tourisme


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