Tofta Gotland, Viking Village

Vikingabyn i Tofta
Viking Village in Tofta
Tofta, Visby (Gotland county), SWEDEN

In the middle of the Baltic Sea lies Gotland, a fascinating island with some unique culture and natural surroundings. Thousands of archaeological finds confirm that Gotland was the most important trading centre of the Viking Age. From there Vikings travelled all over Europe and other parts of the world, trading and plundering. The majority of all the Viking silver treasures in the world have been found on Gotland. All over the island there are ancient monuments.

The reconstructed village in Tofta is aimed to show how a farm might have appeared during the 9th century AD. The construction of the village started in 1989 and has been under constant development ever since. The activities arranged in the Tofta Viking Village are based upon participation and experience by doing. There is an opportunity to play games and sports of the period and try Viking handicraft, to bake bread by an ancient recipe, or to test oneself in axe throwing. Apart from historical events of the Viking Age and the Early Middle Ages, the village offers a range of activities like team-building, nature experience and recreation.

Info & Contact

Address: Tofta Strand, 622 66 Gotlands Tofta, Gotland county, Sweden
Tel.: +46 498297100, +46 705851505

Gotland Region
Address: Visborgsallén 19, 62181 Visby, Gotland, Sweden
Tel.: +46 498269000

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