Teruel, Bodas de Isabel

Las Bodas de Isabel de Segura
The Wedding of Isabel de Segura
Teruel (Aragon aut. community)

The Event

Teruel is a charming town located atop a hill among the Iberian Mountains on the left banks of river Turia, in Aragon region, in Spain, and is listed among UNESCO World Heritage Sites thanks to its outstanding Mudejar architectures (a decoration style which is characteristic of the Muslims in Christian territories and combines elements of traditional Arabic art, such as brick and ceramic ornaments, with the European Romanesque and Gothic art). Teruel is also famous thanks to its cured ham, the fine pottery, and the “Lovers of Teruel”, one of the most beautiful romance story of the Middle Ages about the tragic love of Diego de Marcilla and Isabel de Segura, two youth from Teruel at the beginning of the 13th century.

Diego and Isabel were playmate and in love since their childhood and dreamed to get married. Sadly Diego was not wealth enough and thus initially rejected by Isabel's family but with the agreement he would leave Teruel for five years to try to enrich himself. So Diego went off to war, fought in many battles against Muslim enemies, and finally returned to Teruel rich and famous, but only shortly after the given term had elapsed and Isabel had got married. The shocked and desperate Diego managed to meet once with Isabel and asked her for a kiss, which she refused not willing to betray her husband. Diego died of sorrow. At his funeral Isabel, dressed in mourning, came close to the coffin and placed her lips on those of Diego to give him the kiss that she had denied in life. And in that very moment she fell dead at his side. The tradition claims that Isabel and Diego died of the immensity of their love, and the people in Teruel agreed they should be buried together in the same tomb for ever.

Every year the inhabitants of Teruel have been celebrating that episode through a great historical event, the Wedding of Isabel de Segura, which makes to relive the atmosphere of the 13th century while re-enacting the love story just as it was told. The festival aims to highlight the art in several fields, like music, theatre, painting and sculpture, as well as the historical researches in medieval dances and clothing through several amusing displays and exhibitions which offer the audience a deep insight into the culture of the Middle Ages. The programme includes street celebrations, performances of jugglers, jesters and storytellers, the historical camps, the crafts market, where the visitors can discover medieval clothing, footwear, accessories and weapons, while enjoying crafts displays or taking part at several workshops. There are also theatre, music, and dance shows, falconry displays, knights tournaments and battle reenactments, all this within the narrative frame created by the tender love story of Isabel and Diego.

The Programme

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Info & Contact

Fundación Bodas de Isabel
Address: Pza Catedral, 9-1º - 44001 Teruel
Web: http://www.bodasdeisabel.com/

Tourist Office / Patronato Provincial de Turismo de Teruel
Address: Plaza San Juan, 7 - 44071 Teruel (Aragón, Spain)
Tel.: +34 978 647400
E-mail: turismoteruelversionoriginal@dpteruel.es
Web: http://www.dpteruel.es/

Teruel Twon Council / Ayuntamiento de Teruel
Address: Plaza de la Catedral, 1 - 44001 Teruel
Tel.: +34 978619900
E-mail: online form available
Web: www.teruel.es

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