Tarragona, Tarraco Viva

Tarraco Viva
The Roman Festival of Tarragona
El festival Romano de Tarragona
Tarragona (Catalonia aut. community)

Reliving the magnificence and culture of the Ancient Rome while fighting with the gladiators in the arena or taking part in a wealth of interactive leisure and educational activities for the whole family in an international cultural festival dedicated and specialized in the historical spreading of the Roman times…

Geographical, cultural and historical context

Tarragona is a seaside and harbour town located in the north-east of Spain on the Mediterranean Sea, south of Barcelona, in Catalunya autonomous community. The town also offers a wealth of historical sites including churches from several different periods and a well preserved Roman colosseum. The city of Tarraco (modern Tarragona) was the Roman emperor Augustus' imperial capital, and in 2000 its archaeological ensemble was declared World Heritage Site by UNESCO. Besides the city has specialised in historical re-enactment events with archaeologists, historians, reenactors, interpreters and many other professionals being engaged in spreading Tarragona’s unique heritage and history through the rich Living History programme during the Summertime.

Event description and programme

Tarraco Viva is an international festival dedicated to the Roman Age. During the whole festival, Tarragona relives the splendor of its own history and culture of the past. The intense program of Taracco Viva includes various activities and demonstrations, held in different locations around the city. Among them are gladiator fights, maneuvers and exercitations of the legionnaires, cavalry shows with acrobatics, ancient theatre, Roman music, storytelling on mythology and literature, religious rites venerating gods or death, Roman cuisine with recreation of the ancient recipes and showing the way of eating in daily life of the Romans, arts and crafts market (mosaics, ceramics and other), demonstrations of the elements of Roman culture and science such as calligraphy, astronomy, games. Several exhibitions, film visions, various conferences, lections and seminars complete the program.

Please contact the Organizers for confirmation and further details.

Info & Contact

Oficina Tarraco Viva - Casa Sefus
Address: Plaça del Pallol s/n 43003 Tarragona, Spain
Tel.: +34 977 2961377713 - 7715
E-mail: oficina@tarracoviva.com
Web: http://www.tarracoviva.com

Image: Oficina Tarraco Viva - Casa Sefus
Text: Oficina Tarraco Viva, Wikipedia, Tarragona Town Council

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