Taggia, the Siege AD 1625

The Siege & Battle of Taggia, AD 1625
Festa di San Benedetto, Assedio e Battaglia di Taggia 1625
Taggia, Imperia (Liguria region)

a great historical parade, amazing tableaux vivants, and breathtaking battle reenactments bring this enchanting Ligurian town at the time of the Republic of Genoa and the Thirty Years War...

Geographical, cultural and historical context

Taggia, a medieval town situated in a dominant position in the valley of the creek Argentina on the ancient Roman Via Aurelia, in a territory full of beautiful landscapes and a fertile plains cultivated with olive groves (the tasty olives from Taggia are worldwide famous), about 8 km from Sanremo, 15 km from Imperia and 110 km from Genova, in region Liguria. The town boasts an ancient history as witnessed by tombs dating from the 10th to 7th century BC.

Event description and programme

Every year in February Taggia commemorates one of the main episodes of its 17th century history, when the town got involved in the bloody Thirty Years War through the war between the Duchy of Savoy, ally of France, and the Republic of Genoa, ally of Spain. Western Liguria became an open battlefield, and like many other towns also Taggia in year 1625 was besieged by a massive army. The inhabitants, relying on the protection of St. Benedict Rivelli, decided to surrender peacefully in order to preserve the city from the risk plunders and destructions. The city parliament vowed to the Saint, promising to dedicate him a kind of yearly thanksgiving celebration. The French-Piedmontese troops entered Taggia, but had soon to retreat due to the counter-attack of the Spanish-Genoese army that managed to finally reach Taggia. So the first festival in honour of St Benedict was officially established in Taggia. On Saturday afternoon takes place the great battle reenactment featuring hundreds of reenactors from all over Italy and Europe, while in the evening, music concerts, dance shows, and historical banquets create a magic atmosphere in the town. The headline of the event takes place on Sunday when the picturesque town districts become the set of several tableaux vivants which makes to relive the 17th century daily life. The day ends with the great historical parade in downtown Taggia.

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Info & Contact

Comitato Festeggiamenti S.Benedetto
Address: Piazza Farini - Palazzo Lercari - 18018 Taggia (Imperia)
Tel.: +39 0184 475421 - Fax: +39 0184 475421
E-mail: comitato_benedetto@iol.it
Web: http://www.sanbenedettotaggia.it/

Taggia Town Council
Address: Via San Francesco 441 - 18011 Arma di Taggia (Imperia)
Tel.: +39 0184 476222 - fax: +39 0184 477200
E-mail: taggia@taggia.it
Web: www.taggia.it

images: © maria montanari
text: Taggia Town Council, Comitato Festeggiamenti San Benedetto, Wikipedia,

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