Szombathely, Savaria festival

Savaria Historical Carnival Ludi Savariense
Savaria Történelmi Karnevál
Szombathely (Vas county)


the biggest historical festival of Central Europe featuring more than 250 events at 23 locations, and the full-immersive and spectacular time-travel experience back to the glory of the Roman Age in the once capital of Pannonia Superior province of the Roman Empire, Savaria...


Event description and programme

In the old and nice Hungarian city of Szombathely, every year at the end of August is held the Savaria Carnival, one of the most impressive historical events in central Europe. The focusing period is that of ancient Rome but the event offers shows extending to the Baroque era.

According to this history in the park Governor Sextius Palpellius is inviting the visitors to admire the Roman military traditions with the creation of a real Roman fort, with the presence of several legions and of gladiators. It possible to attend to gladiator shows, with fighters from Pannonia, from Italy from Germany and to the great battles of the late empire, such as the Battle of the Catalaunian Plains, where Huns by Attila were opposed to Roman and other Germanic warriors.

Moreover, during the festivities, which continue for three days, the main square of the city is transformed into a medieval market with spectacular performances by jugglers and fire eaters, with many crusading knights and common people from the Middle Ages. All this is introduced by a great parade with over 600 people in costume throughout a candlelight procession along the streets of the old city which becomes full of jesters, joculators, drummers and musicians, fire jugglers, banner wavers, then artist from street theatre and craft activities.

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Info & Contact

Association Savaria Történelmi Karnevál
Address: P.O.BOX. 104, Aréna utca 8., 9700 Szombathely, Hungary
Tel./Fax: +36 94 510160510161

Szombathely City Council / Szombathely Megyei Jogú Város
Tel.: +36 94514451 | Fax: +36 94514450

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Image: Savaria Történelmi Karnevál
Text sources: Savaria Történelmi Karnevál, Szombathely City Council, Wikipedia


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