Szigethalom, Magyars & Vikings

Magyars and Vikings at Saint Stephen’s Court
Magyarok és Vikingek Szent István udvarában
EmeSe Park, Szigethalom (Pest county)

The Event

The event takes place in Szigethalom, a town located in the northern part of Csepel-island in an agricultural plain field along the Danube bank embosomed with trees, about 24 km from Budapest, in Hungary. The territory, already settled during the Bronze Age about 3,500 years ago as witnessed by archaeological finds, is today famous for its green areas, enjoyable hiking routes, excellent fishing places and the floating marsh of the region, a natural reservoir also rich in white water lily. Since year 2010 Szigethalom is home to EmeSe (European Medieval Settlement) Park, a great open-air museum built to promote to the wider audience the history and the daily life of Hungary during the early Middle Age and operated by the Őskultúra Alapítvány, a foundation focused on preserving and disseminating the ancient Hungarian heritage through the Living History and Experimental Archaeology.

Every year in September the park hosts „Hungarians and Vikings at Saint Stephen’s court”, a great living history event to relive an important chapter of the glorious history of Hungary at the time of the great King Saint Stephen I (969-1038 AD), who successfully managed to stretch Hungarian influence all over the Carpathian Basin, broadly establishing Christianity in the region as well. Canonized together with his son, Emeric of Hungary, on 20 August 1083, Stephen became soon one of the most popular and beloved saints in Hungary, and the 20th of August is still celebrated as a public holiday in the country. The yearly historical event is organized by the EmeSe Park to pay tribute to the brave northern soldiers who served in the first Hungarian king’s army. According to the period records in fact there were about 600-800 Vikings serving as Stephen's bodyguards core.

The visitors will enjoy the chance of an exciting travel back in time to discover the daily life in the area during the early Middle Ages thanks to hundreds of Reenactors dressed in faithful period costumes who bring to life the EmeSe medieval village portraying several characters and displaying the daily cores of the period. The rich programme includes open field and lake battle reenactments, arena fights, riding and combat demonstrations, archery contests, ancient arts and crafts displays and workshops (metal forging, wood carving, clothes, jewellery and pottery making, etc.), the typical hustle and bustle of a medieval markets with all its sounds, colours and flavours, historical cuisine, medieval games and skill tasks, animal breeding, and many other leisure and educational initiatives for children and adults like horse riding and even sailing on a faithful replica of a famous Viking long ship. And all this in an authentic and immersive 10th 11th century environment.

The Programme

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Info & Contact

EmeSe Park
Address: Rákóczi út, Szigethalom, 2315, Hungary
Tel.: +36 30 961 0212

Szigethalom Town Council

Image: EmeSe Park
Text sources: EmeSe Park, Wikipedia, Szigethalom Town Council


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