Steinkjer, Viking Festival

Viking Festival at Egge
Vikingfestivalen på Egge
12-14.07.2019 (biennial event, last held in 2017)
Steinkjer (Nord-Trøndelag county)

The Event

Steinkjer is the town and municipality in Nord-Trøndelag county of Norway. The geographical centre of Norway has been calculated to be in Steinkjer municipality. The town itself has a rich history, and it used to be a powerful centre and residence of several chieftains during the Viking age.

The saga tells about the Vikings who lived at the Egge farm, where the annual Viking Festival takes place. The chieftains Olve and Kalv Arneson lived here. One day Olve was killed by King Olav Haraldson (later known as St Olav), and Kalv, as one of Olav's men, was offered the farm Egge and Olve’s wife. But in 1030 Kalv had turned against King Olav destroying him in the battle at Stiklestad. Until today there are several burial mounds from the Viking Age to be seen at the place.

The Viking Festival at Egge is a major event for anyone with interest in the Viking age. It offers various activities, competitions and games for children on the Viking playground, and the theatre for children puts on the performances based on the ancient sagas and legends. The adult visitors can also enjoy a variety of animations: the Viking Market offers all sorts of arts and crafts from all Europe, the Gilde takes place in a magic atmosphere created by different performers and the magnificent Viking battles are held. Finally, there are exhibitions and historic lectures, and the public can get acquainted with the Viking cuisine.

The Programme

Please contact the Organizers for confirmation and further details.

Info & Contact

Egge Museum
Address: Fylkesmannsgården, 7715 Steinkjer, Nord-Trøndelag county, Norway
Tel.: +47 74134490, +47 41491899



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