Stallarholmen, Viking Festival

Viking Festival at Stallarholmen
Vikingafestival i Stallarholmen
Stallarholmen (Södermanland County)

The Event

Stallarholmen is located on Lake Mälaren, east of the city of Strängnäs, and is situated partly on the mainland and partly on the island of Selaön, the largest freshwater island in Sweden.

The Stallarholmen Viking Festival takes place on Selaön during the first weekend of July. In 2006 a newly carved runestone was raised at the location with the inscription: "Stallarholmen Vikings raised this stone as a link between the past and the future".

During the Viking Festival, the place is transformed to a real Viking village, animated by the warriors, jesters, musicians, fire-eaters, Viking families and artisans. The event offers various experiences to the visitors: the marketplace with a presentation of different crafts, from blacksmith to basket maker, the children's village offering exciting activities and workshops, Viking ships, food and beverage, entertainment, games and tournaments, such as axe throwing and archery.

The Programme

Please contact the Organizers for confirmation and further details.

Info & Contact

Föreningen Stallarholmens Vikingar
Address: Selaön, Stallarholmen, 645 06 Strängnäs Municipality, Södermanland County, Sweden
Tel.: +46 768487075
Fax: +46 15241205




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