Spetses, Armata Festival

Armata Festival of Spetses, AD 1822
Αρμάτα στις Σπέτσες 1822
Dates 2017 to be announced
Spetses island (Attica region)

Celebrating the glorious naval battle of Spetses in 1822 and the freedom fighters of the Greek War of Independence against the Ottoman Empire through a rich programme of events including the re-enactment of the burning and sinking of the Ottoman flagship, thermed exhibitions, lectures, music and dance shows, a huge fireworks display, and a wealth of cultural and leisure initiatives for all ages in a beautiful Greek island…

The Event

Spetses is a lovely island located in the Argosaronic Gulf. The island, inhabited since the Mesolithic Age (around 8.000 BC), flourished during the Middle Ages thanks to the development of the maritime trade and its natural harbours, as witnessed by the many elegant mansions that have survived until today. In the 15th Century, the island fell under the rule of the Venetian Republic and was named the island Spezia ("Spice") for its position on a major trade route. Over centuries the name was then Hellenised to "Spetsai". The 18th century was the beginning of a golden era for Spetses that emphasized in the shipbuilding activity and the empowerment of its fleet. When the Greek Revolution of 1821 broke out, the local commercial ships were turned into military ships and contributed to setting the country free. The island today is a beloved weekend destination due to its closeness to Athens and the many beautiful beaches all around the island.

The event celebrates the sea battle occurred on the 8 September 1822 at Spetses during the Greek War of Independence, which opposed the Greek patriots trying to gain freedom for their country to the ruling Turkish forces. The conflict between the small Greek naval force and the Ottoman navy was decided by an individual event, when the Spetsiot Fire-ship Captain Kosmas Barbatsis risking his life managed to fire and blow up a Turkish galera. It was an act of self-sacrifice but the Ottoman ships without the commander decided to retreat. The day became a Historical day for the Greek Nation. The annual re-enactment of this sea battle on the island of Spetses, at the entrance of the main harbour, includes several displays of the battle and in particular setting fire to a model of the Turkish flag-ship. During the reenactment a Narrator lyrically describes the most important events of that historically important period of the Greek Nation. The event is closed by a spectacular fireworks show.

The Programme

Please contact the Organizers for confirmation and further details.

Info & Contact

Armata Festival of Spetses
Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/ARMATA-SPETSES-127291746612/

Spetses Direct
Web: http://www.spetsesdirect.com/about-spetses/annual-events-holidays/armata/

Spetses Town Council
Tel.: +30 22983 20010 | Fax: +30 22980 73366
E-mail: dspetson@hol.gr
Web: http://www.spetses.gr/

Image: Municipality of Spetses
Text sources: Municipality of Spetses, Spetses Direct, Wikipedia, Greek National Tourism Association

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