Slagelse, Viking Festival

Viking Festival in Trelleborg
Vikingefestival på Trelleborg
Slagelse (Zealand region)


a colourful and accurate Viking Market, where you can enjoy crafts, shows, horses and much more, and meet with Vikings from far and near on Zealand where one of Denmark's most important and strikingly located monuments from the Viking age lies: the mighty Trelleborg…


Geographical, cultural and historical context

Slagelse is a small town located about 100 km southwest of Copenhagen, in Denmark, and has plenty to offer to the tourists with its many markets, squares and an exciting an active town life, thus providing the perfect setting for many hours of varied shopping and an active cultural life. The Trelleborg gigantic ring fortress, one of Denmark's most important and beautiful monument from the Viking Age, is located in a scenic and peaceful area of great natural beauty, about 7 km west of Slagelse. The ring fortress was built around the 10th century AD by Harald "Bluetooth" (c.958-c.986, King of Denmark and Norway) as part of his military system and plan to strengthen the royal power in Denmark subduing minor kings and local chieftains. Today the Trelleborg fortress site, together with the museum, the visitors' centre and the reconstructed Trelletorp Viking village, is one of the places where the Vikings' way of life can be most closely experienced in Europe. To find out more about the site please visit our dedicated page, click here.

Event description and programme

The Viking Fortress is also the place for the annual Viking Festival, with crafts workshops and several shows, among the sound of metal beats, loud roar and the smell of bonfires and honey. The Viking fortress is invaded by more than 600 Vikings from near and far, from Russia in the east to the British Isles in the west, acting, fighting and living as they did when Harald Bluetooth was young. The visitors are involved in a wide range of activities and workshops, like blacksmithing, wood carving, textiles and leather producing, and can also take part in daily chores of warriors or try the longbow. Finally the great Battle of Trelleborg is settled around the market, featuring hundreds of heavily armed Vikings who reenact the struggle between King Harold Bluetooth and his son Sweyn Forkbeard (960-1014 AD) for winning the supremacy in the country. Sweyn became then king of Denmark and England, as well as parts of Norway. He was also the father of Cnut the Great (commonly known as Canute, c. 985/995-1035), who became king of Denmark, England, Norway, and parts of Sweden, a territory together often referred to as the Anglo-Scandinavian or North Sea Empire.

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Info & Contact

Vikingeborgen Trelleborg
Address: Trelleborg Allé 4, Hejninge, 4200 Slagelse, region Sjælland, Denmark
Tel.: +45 58549506, +45 41206391

Nationalmuseet / National Museum of Denmark
Adrress: Prinsens PalæNy Vestergade 10, DK-1471 København, Denmark

Museum Vestsjælland
Address: Klosterstræde 18 - DK-4300 Holbæk, Denmark
Tel.: +45 59432353

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