Sibiu, Medieval Festival

Transylvanian Citadel Medieval Festival Sibiu
Festivalul Medieval "Cetati Transilvane" Sibiu
Sibiu (Transylvania historical region)

The Event

Sibiu, founded by Saxon colonists in the Middle Ages, has several towers and walls that once surrounded completely the ancient town, with its narrow streets and old squares. The past of the city is brought to life thanks to princesses, knights, troubadours and minstrels, merchants and craftsmen who fill the streets on the occasion of the Medieval Festival, representing the daily life and activities of the Middle Ages. The festival involves historical groups and artists from all over Europe.

There are numerous concerts of the medieval music and dance performances, medieval theatre, various exhibitions, interactive animations and street performances. The visitors can enjoy several tournaments, displays and workshops on the techniques of sword fighting in the historical camp, as well as horse shows and workshops on the medieval cuisine.


The Programme

Please contact the Organizers for confirmation and further details.

Info and Contacts

Festivalul Medieval Cetati Transilvane (FMCT) Sibiu
Address: 550270, Parcul Tineretului Nr.1, 550270 Sibiu, Romania
Tel.: +40 369.405.253 | Fax: +40 269.229.627

Image and text sources: Festivalul Medieval Cetati Transilvane


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