Shebekino, White City

White City
Belyi Gorod
Shebekino (Belgorod region)

The Event

Shebekino is a town in Belgorod Oblast, Russia, located on the Nezhegol River, 30 kilometers southeast of Belgorod. Shebekino hosts the medieval festival "White City", the name of which reflects the name of Belgorod and the ancient heritage of the region. The festival is dedicated to Europe of the 13-14th centuries, representing military traditions, the way of life and culture of the period.

More than 200 participants from different regions of Russia and from abroad visit the festival, representing historical reenactment camps of Old Rus, Europe and the Golden Horde. The program of the event includes various demonstrations and activities, such as historical costume and armour contest, a lecture on the military history of the Middle Ages, medieval battles, archery tournament, medieval entertainment and games and performances of folk groups.

The Programme

Please contact the Organizers for confirmation and further details.

Info & Contact

Historical re-enactment club Druzhyna
Address: Shershnyova Str. 1, Belgorod
Roman Belousov
Tel.: +79103252675

Shebekino City Administration
Address: Tsentralnaya Sq. 1, 309290 Shebekino, Belgorod region
Tel./Fax: +74724822025



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