Schwarzenbach, Celtic Days

Celtic Days
Schwarzenbach, Wiener-Neustadt (Niederösterreich state)

Reliving the ancient Celtic heritage and legacy through living history diplays and experimental archaeology workshops for children and adults in a family-friendly and emotional archaeological park located in an Austrian beautiful natural setting…

Geographical, cultural and historical context

Schwarzenbach is a village located about 20 km south from Wiener Neustadt, in the Lower Austria state, along the border with Hungary, at the eastern edge of the so-called “Bucklige Welt”, a hilly agricultural land also known as the land of 1000 hills, that is rich in meadows, fields and woods. From the 4th century BC the area, inhabited already from the Neolithic Age, was dominated by the Celts who founded a settlement of great social and political importance and a main centre of the iron production, as witnessed by the many archaeological findings and a large oppidum (a fortified village surrounded by a moat and a defensive wall made of wood, earth and stones) with a size of 500x300 m and an inner area of about 15 ha. Later on, during the 1st century AD the territory became part of the Roman province of Pannonia until the fall of the Roman Empire.

The archaeological excavations carried on in the area since 1992 have led to the opening in year 2005 of an open-air museum, the Archaeological Park Schwarzenbach featuring the faithful reconstruction of part of a Celtic settlement from the period with a gate, several Iron Age buildings, gardens, cisterns and wooden fences under the supervision of the Vienna Institute for Archaeological Science. The open-air museum gives valuable insights in the daily life of the late Iron Age and is home to several scientific and educational activities specially tailored for the schools, as well as to historical reenactments and Celtic-themed events all year round.


Event description and programme

In Summer, for a weekend the Schwarzenbach oppidum comes back to life thanks to a living history event and the presence of historical reenactors from all over Austria and abroad. The rich programme invites the visitors to an exciting time-travel back to the time of the ancient Celts to see, experience and taste the fascinating world of our ancestors, their daily life and craft. Children and adults can follow and actively take part at a wealth of live-in activities, including bread baking and cooking in the Celtic way, and several crafts-themed workshops, such as wool dying, jewellery and pottery making, weaving, spinning, tinkering, leather processing, wood working, antlers carving, basket weaving, forging etc. The families can enjoy leisure and educational activities specially tailored for them, visit the historical camps and the open-air museums, explore a cozy country market, and also taste traditional and historical cuisine. Finally, battle reenactments and living history displays staged by the reenactors complete the frame of a valuable event in a quite evocative and family-friendly setting.

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Info & Contact

Boii Pannonia

Schwarzenbach Town Council / Marktgemeinde Schwarzenbach
Address: Markt 4 - 2803 Schwarzenbach, Austria
Tel.: +43 (0)2645 5201 | Fax: +43 (0)2645 5201-7

Verein Bucklige Welt - Regionalentwicklung
Address: Ransdorf 20, 2813 Lichtenegg, Austria 
Tel.: +43 (0)2643 701020

Image: Marktgemeinde Schwarzenbach 
Text sources: Marktgemeinde Schwarzenbach, Boii Pannonia, Wikipedia


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