Sainte-Suzanne, le Chastelier

L'Assault du Chastelier au la Ferté-Clairbois

L'Assault du Chastelier avec Marché médiéval au la Ferté-Clairbois
Next edition dates to be announced (the event was last held in 2014)
Centre Médiéval de la Ferté-Clairbois, Sainte-Suzanne
(Pays de la Loire region)

The Event

Sainte-Suzanne is a medieval walled village dating from the 11th Century and situated on a rocky elevation above the river Erve halfway between Laval and Le Mans in western France. Sainte-Suzanne is considered the pearl of the Mayenne department as well as one of the most beautiful sights in France and is also listed among the "The most beautiful villages" of the whole country.

Home to the event is la Ferté Clairbois, a reconstructed medieval village and fortress with fences, walkways, dungeon and drawbridge, medieval gardens, stables, forge, and oven serving as set for many historical events which combine history, authenticity and reenactment to provide the visitors with an exciting and unforgettable atmosphere of the medieval life how it was. The programme includes a great medieval market offering a variety of goods and workshops, knights jousting and tournaments, cavalry, archery and crossbow displays, the staging of the return from the war of the knight Lord of the stronghold, dance and music shows, performances of jokers and jugglers, and a great medieval banquet where to taste delights from the Middle Ages. Headline of the event is the exciting reenactment of the fortress siege which involves hundreds of reenactors coming from all over France and Europe, and offers the audience the unique chance to get to know attack and defense techniques, siege machines, ancient weapons and artillery.

The Programme

Please contact the Organizers for confirmation and further details.

Info & Contact

Centre Medieval et Culturel du Maine "Spectacle & Chevalerie"
Address: La Ferté Clairbois doMaine du chevalier, 53270 Sainte-Suzanne, Mayenne department, Pays de la Loire
Tel.: +33 0 243014215
Fax: +33 0 243014531

Office de tourisme des Coëvrons Coeur du Maine
Address: 1, rue Jean de Bueil • 53270 Sainte-Suzanne
Tel.: +33 0 243014360
Fax: +33 0 243014212

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Ferme de la Ferté Clairbois di psychonouille


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