Sabadell, Renovatio Arragonis

Renovatio Arragonis
Next edition dates to be announced (event last held in 2011)
Parc de La Salut, Sabadell (Catalunya aut. community)

Reliving the heyday of the Roman Empire along the Via Augusta in Spain...


Geographical, cultural and historical context

Sabadell, located at about 20 km from Barcelona, in Catalunya autonomous community in Spain, is a commercial and industrial city as well as an important communications point like at the time of the Roman Empire. The city boasts an interesting urban heritage with several sites of historical and cultural interest spread out through its streets and squares as well as in the surroundings, and offers a wide selection of cultural events and activities, including traditional festivals, symphonic music and opera happenings, a network of theatres and libraries, archaeological sites and museums, like the Sabadell History Museum and the Rural Life Museum. Finally, several beautiful green areas and city parks enhance the touristic appeal of the city.

The first settlements in the area date from pre-historic times and have been thoroughly documented thanks to the archaeological excavations carried out since the beginning of the 20th century. The Museum of Sabadell exhibits the different findings from these sites enabling us to track the earliest traces of Sabadell's history right up to the Romanisation of the territory, that was eased by the building of roads and the foundation of settlements by the Roman legions. Sabadell was an important centre during the Roman age, as it was located on the famous road Via Augusta, named after Emperor Augustus, who ordered it renovated between 8 BC and 2 BC. The Via Augusta was mainly a commercial road stretched around 1,500 kilometres and crossing all of Hispania Province, from Gades (Cádiz) in the southern tip of today Spain, to the Coll de Panissars, where it crossed the Pyrenees close to the Mediterranean Sea and joined the Via Domitia, a Roman road in Gaul linking the city of Rome and the Hispania province through the Gallia Narbonensis (the today southern France).

Event description and programme

The Renovatio Arragonis yearly festival is organized by the Cultural Association Arraona Romana, in the collaboration with the Municipality of Sabadell, and aimed to rediscover the splendor of ancient Rome and to pay tribute to the residents of our city. The event is hosted at the Salut Park, which is located on the outskirts of Sabadell and features several buildings of interest: the sanctuary dedicated to the Mare de Déu de la Salut, the priest's house, a lodging house, the remains of the old Romanic hermitage of Sant Iscle and Santa Victoria and the archaeological remains of a Roman villa.

The rich programme includes a wealth of leisure and educational initiatives which allow the visitors to relive the roman life through living history displays, themed workshops, and many live-in activities. The visitors can enjoy guided tours and living history displays to learn about the daily life and battle tactics of the mighty Roman legionaries, follow military manoeuvres and drill, battle reenactments and the rites and rituals of the foundation of a Roman city and the building of the famous Roman roads. Children and adults can taste the ancient Roman cuisine and take part at the several workshops devoted to present the civil and military life at the time of the Ancient Rome as well as arts and crafts from the period. Themed exhibitions, lectures and conferences illustrate the development of the ongoing archaeological projects and researches in the area.

Please contact the Organizers for confirmation and further details.

Info & Contact

Associacion Cultural Arraona Romana

Sabadell Town Council / Ajuntament de Sabadell
Address: Plaça de Sant Roc, 1, 08201, Sabadell, Spain
Tel.: +24 93 7453100
E-mail: online contact form

Image: Arraona Romana
Text: Arraona Romana, Wikipedia, Sabadell Town Council

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