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Sabadell (Catalonia aut. community)

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Sabadell, located at about 20 km from Barcelona, in Catalunya autonomous community in Spain, is a commercial and industrial city as well as an important communications point like at the time of the Roman Empire. The city boasts an interesting urban heritage with several sites of historical and cultural interest spread out through its streets and squares as well as in the surroundings, and offers a wide selection of cultural events and activities, including traditional festivals, symphonic music and opera happenings, a network of theatres and libraries, archaeological sites and museums, like the Sabadell History Museum and the Rural Life Museum. Finally, several beautiful green areas and city parks enhance the touristic appeal of the city.

The first settlements in the area date from pre-historic times and have been thoroughly documented thanks to the archaeological excavations carried out since the beginning of the 20th century and the many findings enabling to track the earliest traces of Sabadell's history right up to the Romanisation of the territory, that was eased by the building of roads and the foundation of settlements by the Roman legions. In Roman times a little village called Arragone existed near where the church of La Salut now stands. This grew into the town called Arraona or Arrahona in the Middle Ages. Also the other small village, called Sabadell and built on a plain on the other side of the river, grew quickly and its population reached about 600 people in 1378. Sabadell pioneered the Industrial Revolution in Catalonia thanks to its textile mills and the first industries devoted especially to woollen clothing. The textile industry developed further over the next centuries, and the city became soon the most important producer of woollen clothing in Spain, achieving worldwide fame and being nicknamed the "Catalan Manchester".

Medievàlia is a cultural medieval festival which was first started in the year 2000, and is organised by the Friends of Mediaevalia Association in conjunction with local cultural and theatrical groups from Sabadell. The festival provides the exciting chance of a real time-travelling back at the origins of Sabadell, in the mid eleventh century, being aimed to recreate the life of the common townspeople around the market and show the key role that activities such as artisanry and agriculture played in the growth of a town like Sabadell. Throughout the weekend, visitors can take part at a varied selection of events and activities for all ages. The rich programme includes demonstrations and workshops illustrating the old artisan and traditional crafts and trades that emerged around the 12th century, music and theatre shows, battle reenactments, knigths' tournaments, living history displays, themed exhibitions, as well as a variety of artistic performances and shows all set in medieval times. On Sunday morning a medieval cooking competition takes place with prizes being awarded for the best recipes and the best cooked dishes. The visitors can also visit the historical camps or stroll around the market where they can interact with skilled craftsmen and find typical crafts and agricultural products, farm animals, textiles, jewellery and many gifts. A wealth of leisure and educational live-in activities, including medieval costume contest and a treasure hunt, are awaiting the children.

The Programme

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Info & Contact

Amics de Medievàlia Sabadell
Address: c. de la Rosa, 12, 08201 Sabadell
Tel.: +34 93 7263270
Web: n.a.

Sabadell Town Council / Ajuntament de Sabadell
Address: Plaça de Sant Roc, 1, 08201, Sabadell
Tel.: +24 93 7453100
E-mail: online contact form


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