Rosice, Svatobor

The Svatobor Festival in Rosice

Svatobor - Early Middle Ages Slavs and Vikings Festival
Svatobor - Raný středověk Slované a Vikingové festival
Next edition: to be announced (the event was last held in 2012)
Rosice (Brno, Morava)

Geographical, cultural and historical context

Rosice is a picturesque town situated in the charming rolling countryside of the Bohemian-Moravian Highlands, in a territory rich in hills and forests and crossed by the the Bobrava River, about 20 km from Brno in the South Moravian Region of the Czech Republic along the borders with Austria and Slovakia. Rosice has rich cultural traditions and numerous historic monuments, like the medieval Rosice Castle from the 13th century later rebuilt in Renaissance style with an arcade courtyard and beautiful garden, the remarkable Sanctuary of the Holy Trinity built in 1691 atop a hill, the former romanesque Church of St. Martin, the oldest architectural monument in Rosice probably dating back to the 12th century, the town hall built in 1851, the remarkable stone bridge overarching the Bobrava river and once serving as an aqueduct for the water supply. Rosice has a very ancient history and archaeological excavations confirm that the area was inhabited already in during the Middle Paleolithic, while the first written mention of the village is from 1259 AD.


Event description and programme

Rosice hosts every year the Svatobor Festival presenting the daily life of the ancient Vikings, Slavs and Varangians during the Early Middle ages from 8th to 11th century in Europe. The festival is not focused only on fighting and warfare, but offers also a deep insight into the crafts and the everyday life thanks to living historians, reenactors and artists from many European countries. The rich programme includes guided tours at the great historical camp with the support of historians and archaeologist, displays of battle & combat reenactment, individual and groups tournaments (like the “three-hits tournament” with the winner being the warrior who first hits opponent three times to striking area, and the “One-minute tournament” where the winner is the warrior who hits opponent more times and has the general superiority), historical and traditional crafts market, live music shows, lectures and workshops in archery, spear-throwing and fencing, games and entertainment for adults and children, historical and local traditional food and drinks tasting.

Please contact the Organizers for confirmation and details.

Info & Contact

Rosice Cultural Information Centre
Address: Palacky Square 45 - 66501 Rosice, Czech Republic
Tel.: +420 546 492 196

Rosice Town Council / Město Rosice
Address: Palackého nám. 13 - 66501 Rosice u Brna, Czech Republic
Tel.: +420 546 492 111

Image: Sigurd Varangian fighting group
Text sources: Rosice Cultural Information Centre, Wikipedia, Rosice Town Council, Sigurd


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