Rosala Viking Market

Rosala "Viking Days" - Viking Market
“Vikingadagar” / “Viikinkipäivät”
Rosala (Finland Proper region)


every year in Summer Vikings from all over Europe gather in a faithfully reconstructed Viking village, presenting themselves and different kinds of Viking age crafts and chores and a wealth of leisure and educational interactive workshops for the public, like Viking axe throwing, archery and baking bread...

Geographical, cultural and historical context

Rosala is an island located in the middle of the beautiful Turku archipelago about 25 km from Hanko and 18 km from the most southern inhabited place in Finland, the Bengtskär lighthouse. Rosala, which is about 140/170 year-round residents, is linked to the neighbouring island Hiittinen by the Kyrkesund bridge and belongs to the Kemiönsaaren municipality.

A thousand years ago the Vikings travelled along the so-called "Eastern Route" to the huge market places in Russia. The route passed the outer archipelago and the Kyrksundet, the narrow sound between Hitis and Rosala, which was called Örsund and was an important port and market place on the Eastern Route.

Now the Viking past and Iron age of the archipelago come to life in the Rosala Viking Centre, that presents the archaeological findings from the former Örsund, and has both an indoor and an outdoor museum area illustrating how Viking Age life must have been like thanks to several exhibitions, live-in activities and an amazing outdoor site consisting of the chieftain hall “Rodeborg”, a reconstruction of an 11th century (early) Christian chapel, a smithy, a field labyrinth, a sacrificial stone and also a Viking merchant’s house. The Viking houses, that have been reconstructed according to near archaeological excavations, provide the guests with the chance to personally experience daily life, work and entertainment of the Vikings, their women and children. Please find out more about the Viking Village on our dedicated page: Rosala Viking Centre.


Event description and programme

Every year in July the Rosala Viking Centre is home to a living history event, the Viking Market, being visited by Vikings living in the Viking village, presenting themselves and different kinds of Viking age crafts and activities which are also open to the public to join, like axe throwing, archery and baking bread among the others. There is lots to see and experience for the whole family!

The small entrance fee includes a short presentation, a guide map over the Viking village, that serves as your guide, and free-of-charge participation in all the activities, including Viking handicrafts displays, cooking in Viking style over an open fire, several workshops, sword fight training, guided tour in the Viking village, Viking age battle demonstration.

Please contact the Organizer for confirmation and further details.

Info & Contact

Rosala Viking Centre
Address: Reimarsvägen 5, 25950 Rosala - Kimitoön municipality (Kemiönsaari), Finland
Tel.: +358 402182960

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