Romanovo, Kaup Festival

Kaup Festival
(formerly “Peoples of the Ancient Baltic”)
Romanovo, Zelenogradsk (Kaliningrad region)

The Event

Kaup (translated from Old Icelandic "trading place", "fair") is the largest trade and craft centre on Sambia region, existed from early 9-th century till 1016. Kaup population was international (basically Old Prussians and Scandinavians), they controlled trade relations at the Baltic coast. People were engaged in amber and bone processing. Kaup is unique because it is still one of the last in Europe not fully researched yet Viking settlements located in the present day Mokhovoe, Kaliningrad region, Russia.

The ambitious project is started in Romanovo, not far from the Kaup settlement location, aiming to create a reconstruction of a Viking Village. Some of the structures are ready, and in the near future the other ones will be built, to represent all types of houses and workshops characteristic for the south-eastern Baltic region of the Early Middle Ages.

Each year the Kaup Festival takes the visitors to a time travel back to the Vikings. Reenactment groups and musicians from different countries participate in the festival. The rich programme includes military competitions, tournaments and fortress siege, medieval crafts workshops, games and contests for children and adults, as well as a series of horse and fire shows, ancient and folk music and dances.

The Programme

Please contact the Organizers for confirmation and further details.

Info & Contact

Center of historical reenactment “Kaup”
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Zelenogradsk city administration
Tel.: +74015031362



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