Romano, Chiusella Battle

Historical Reenactment of the River Chiusella Crossing
Rievocazione Storica del Passaggio della Chiusella
Next edition: to be announced (biennial event, every even year, last held in 2016)
Romano Canavese (Piedmont region)

a weekend following the unstoppable advance of Napoleon's army from France across Aosta Valley towards the glory of Marengo, June 1800 AD, reenacting the battle and crossing of the River Chiusella in a charming Piedmontese village while reliving the music, colors, scents and tastes of the Napoleonic Age...

Geographical, cultural and historical context

Romano Canavese is located along the banks of river Chiusella in a fertile plain at the foot of a moraine hill known as the Serra Morenica and rich in thick woods and vineyards, about 40 km from Turin in Piedmont region. The village is supposed to have been founded by the Ancient Romans as a castrum (the legionary fortified camp) in 143 BC during their campaign against the Salassi Celtic tribe. The ancient origins are witnessed by traces of the former roman centuriation (a system of land organization and agricultural exploitation), while the historical sites include the imposing town tower (the only one survived from a former castle), several churches and palaces and the remains of the “ricetto” (an atop a hill fortified area widely spread in the Italian villages during the Middle Ages).

One of the main events of the local history took place in year 1800, when the French army led by the young General Napoleon Bonaparte, after having occupied the Aosta Valley through the Great St Bernard pass on May 15th, freed Ivrea from the Austrian-Piedmontese army and faced several skirmishes with its rear-guard by crossing the Canavese territory. The definitive battle was fought just near Romano, along the river Chiusella on May 26th, and ended with the decisive victory of the French troops which took the full control of the area and march on in their unstoppable advance until Napoleon’s masterpiece victory at the famous battle of Marengo dated 14th June 1800.


Event description and programme

Every even year the glories and the atmosphere of the Napoleonic Age relive through a great historical event featuring hundreds of reenactors and faithful historical camps where the audience will have the chance to experience a deep insight into the daily life of the period. The rich programme includes military manoeuvres and drills, guided tours, music and dance shows, exhibitions, historical and local cuisine, the traditional crafts market, the historical parade, and finally the River Chiusella battle reenactment just in the same location where the original battle was fought: on the river banks and on the same bridge along the ancient road linking Aosta and Torino.

Please contact the Organizers for confirmation and further details.

Info & Contact

Comitato "Passaggio della Chiusella"
Tel.: +39 3336026782 - 331 5788651 - 338 8879597

Romano Canavese Town Council / Comune di Romano Canavese
Address: Piazza Ruggia, 1 - 10090 Romano Canavese (Torino), Italy
Tel.: +39 (0)125 713045 | Fax: +39 (0)125 714107

Image: Comitato “Passaggio della Chiusella”
Text sources: Comitato “Passaggio della Chiusella”, Wikipedia 

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