Rodemack, Medieval Festival

Rodemack Medieval City Festival
Rodemack Cité Médiévale en Fête
30.06 - 01.07.2018
Rodemack (Lorraine region)

The Event

Every year the old fortified town of Rodemack, situated in the Moselle department of Lorraine in north-eastern France, is transformed into the medieval village. The streets are crowded with troubadours, sketchers and fabulists, with dancers, acrobats and jugglers, who take the visitors into endless medieval entertainment.

At the medieval market, merchants and artisans invite the audience to discover the secrets of old weapons, manuscripts, costumes. At night, the flames light up the big celebration, and a colourful show is created by fire eaters, flaming sticks handlers and waders. At the same time, the gates of the fortress are wide open, offering a passage along the camps of archers, soldiers and falconers who unveil their art of training birds of prey. A historical parade brings together over 500 costumed participants.

The Programme

Please contact the Organizers for confirmation and further details.

Info & Contact

Association/organization name L’Association des Amis des Vieilles Pierres pour la Sauvegarde de Rodemack
Address: Les Amis des Vieilles Pierres, 90, rue du Général Simmer, 57570 Rodemack commune, Moselle department, region of Lorraine
Tel.: +33 382512501 | Fax: +33 382512680

Photo: Association des Amis des Vieilles Pierres pour la Sauvegarde de Rodemack


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