Ribe, Viking Market

International Viking Market
Internationalt Vikingemarked
30.04 - 06.05.2018
Ribe, Esbjerg (Syddanmark region)

hundreds of Viking craftsmen, traders, warriors, archers, and riders from all over Europe meet in the fascinating setting of the Ribe Viking Centre for an amazing international event that makes the then worldwide renown and important market place come back to life like it was 1300 years ago thanks to living history and interpretation, historical reenactment and experimental archaeology... 

The Event

Ribe, which is located in southwest Jutland and is part of the Esbjerg municipality, has been founded as a market place by the Vikings at the beginning of the 8th century and first attested in a document dated 854 AD. With its 1300 years long history Ribe is the oldest extant town in Denmark. The town has many well-preserved old buildings, like the Cathedral, the 15th century town hall and over hundred houses under Danish heritage protection. The area around Ribe played an important role in the Denmark of the Viking Age as witnessed by the many archaeological findings from the excavations carried out in the area by archaeologists since about 1980. Almost every year, new and exciting finds are made, confirming that Ribe is one the world's most important regions for the documentation of trade, craftsmanship and farming in the Viking Age.

Set of the yearly event is the Ribe Viking Centre, a living history open-air museum devoted to the ancient Vikings and established in 1992 with the main purpose to communicate Ribe's Viking Age history by bringing it to life in faithfully reconstructed environments. The Ribe VikingeCenter provides a unique interactive experience, bringing really to life the Viking Age, and allowing the visitors to step close up into the world of the Vikings. Since it's the first market after the long winter, so many Vikings, craftsmen and merchants come from far and wide, just as they used to 1300 years ago, to be part of the great Viking market, an international historical event featuring hundreds of reenactors from Denmark and all over Europe. The setting is completely authentic, as well as the atmosphere really intense with the typical colours and tastes of a market, the smell of smoke and food, the sounds of different languages and of Vikings roaring. The audience will have the chance to live a fabulous experience travelling back in time to get a deep insight into the daily life in Ribe during the Viking Age with craftsmen, warriors, archers, riders, musicians, jesters and many other historical characters. The programme includes Icelandic horse shows, archery and falconry displays, longbow and warrior training, battle reenactments, crafts workshops, and of course a vast range of goods in the stalls.

The Programme

Please contact the Organizers for confirmation and further details.

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Ribe VikingeCenter
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VisitRibe - Tourist Information
Address: Torvet 3, DK-6760 Ribe, Denmark
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