Ribchester, Roman Festival

The Ribchester Roman Festival
Ribchester (Lancashire county)


a spectacular weekend to meet legionaries and Roman citizens face to face as the Roman Military Research Society and Romanorum march into the ancient city of Bremetennacum Veteranorum...



Geographical, cultural and historical context

The Roman site at Ribchester, Bremetennacum Veteranorum, comprised a fort and civilian settlement or vicus. The earliest Roman fort in Ribchester was established in the early 70s AD as part of a network of defensive forts across northern Britannia. It accommodated a garrison of Asturian cavalry troops whose purpose it was to patrol the surrounding area and keep the local inhabitants under control. Towards the end of the second century AD they were replaced by the horsemen from Eastern Europe, a Sarmatian cavalry unit. The settlement then took unusual veteran status becoming the focal point for governance of the area.

The civilian site outside the fort was extensive and covered an area more or less corresponding to that of the modern village. Excavations have revealed rectangular wooden buildings used as workshops and dwellings. The vicus was also the site of the baths, the most substantial stone built construction outside the fort, and at least two temples, fulfilling important social and religious functions. The fort at Ribchester was occupied into the fourth century.

Ribchester Museum of Roman Antiquities was opened in 1915, comprising one room, with an objective to stem the flow of artefacts out of the village that had occurred ever since Ribchester was first recognised as a site of special historic interest. By 1990 the Museum had been completely revamped and enlarged, under the auspices of Ribchester Museum Trust. In 2001 the Museum reopened after the most ambitious redevelopment scheme in its history. The permanent exhibition was replaced completely by striking, informative and modern displays, facilities were improved and issues such as access and education were addressed.


Event description and programme

The annual Roman reenactment takes place every year in July in Ribchester, involving the leading groups of Europe. They put on exciting and realistic demonstrations about the everyday and military life of the Romans, and organize various activities to involve the public of all ages into the interactive discovery of history. On show will be exciting military displays, including the firing of artillery, archery and the Roman Cavalry, along with colourful demonstrations of everyday life. There will be opportunities for children to dress up in Roman armour and our famous Roman snacks will be available. The weekend is also an excellent opportunity to see the excavation in progress.

Please contact the Organizers for confirmation and further details.

Info & Contact

Ribchester Roman Museum
Address: Riverside, Ribchester village, Preston, county of Lancashire, England
Tel.: +441254878261
E-mail: ribchestermuseum@btconnect.com
Web: http://ribchesterromanmuseum.org

Image: Ribchester Roman Museum
Text sources: Ribchester Roman Museum, Wikipedia


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