Rhodes, Medieval Rose

Medieval Rose Festival in Rhodes
Μεσαιωνικό Φεστιβάλ Ρόδου
Rhodes island

The Event

The "Medieval Rose Festival" takes place every year on the island of Rhodes, the largest largest of the Dodecanese islands and one of the most popular destinations in Greece for foreign tourists. It is a cultural event inspired of the medieval history of the island and re-enacts the every day life as well as legendary events of the time. Hosting venues are the Medieval Town of Rhodes and other well – preserved castles, bastions and fortresses.

The event, held since 2006 and organized by the “Medieval Rose” association, is aimed to maintain the cultural heritage of the island and highlight the value of the extant byzantine and medieval architectural treasures, recreating the history, the traditions and legends of the Middle Ages, through displays, workshops, and games.

The Festival invites citizens and guests of Rhodes to become a part of the history, wandering through the mysterious streets of the Medieval Town, at a time when the alchemists were seeking the mandrake and the fairies were dancing around the fountains, enchanting passers-by. When romantic love was growing in the shadow of a dreadful war and endless battles. The Medieval Market offers the best sugar of the world, spices, perfumes, textiles, pottery, soap and music, lots of music... Finally, the Order of the Knights passes through the crowded public squares full of scholars, magicians, artisans, merchants and craftsmen from all over the world! The rich programme includes also includes artistic events, seminars, bazaars, workshops, exhibitions and conventions related to the era, and a wealth of leisure and educational activities for children and adults.

The Programme

Please contact the Organizers for confirmation and further details.

Info & Contact

The "Medieval Rose" association
Tel.: +30 22410 74405
Mob. +30 6972 178603
E-mail: info@medievalfestival.gr - anna@medievalrose.org
Web: http://www.medievalfestival.gr
Blog: http://medievalfestival.blogspot.gr/
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/groups/medievalrose

Image: The "Medieval Rose" association
Text sources: The "Medieval Rose" association

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