Raseborg, Medieval Fair

Medieval Fair and Tournaments at Raseborg
Medeltid på Raseborg
Dates 2018 to be announced (biennial event, last edition in 2016)
Raseborg (Nyland region)

The Event

The eminent medieval Castle of Raseborg is located in the former town of Ekenäs, merged in 2009 with several surrounding towns to form a municipality of Raseborg, which took name by the Castle. The Castle itself was founded between 1373 and 1378, with the main purpose to protect Sweden's interests in southern Finland against the Hanseatic city of Tallinn.

In such a picturesque authentic place the Medieval Fair and Tournaments are held annually, offering a great reconstruction of everyday life and warfare of the Middle Ages. Knights on horseback, sword fighting, jesters, music and a market full of craftsmen and goods create the true medieval spirit around the Castle of Raseborg. The medieval market offers everything from iron and pottery to honey goodies. There are contests of axe throwing, archery, and itinerant artists hold their shows of fire, magic and juggling.

The Programme

Please contact the Organizers for confirmation and further details.

Info & Contact

Raseborgs Medeltida Sällskap
Raseborgs Slottsväg 100, 10710 Snappertuna/Raseborg
Tel.: +358407001233 (Dan Idman)
E-mail: info@rams.fi
Web: http://www.rams.fi

Images: http://www.rams.fi


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