Quin, Lughnasa

Lughnasa Festival at Craggaunowen
04-06.08.2017 to be confirmed
Craggaunowen Centre, near Quin (county Clare)

‘Lughnasa’, is a festival in honour of the Celtic God Lugh of the Tuatha de Danann, God of arts and crafts, and it marks the start of the harvest season...

The Event

Craggaunowen Park is situated on 50 acres of wooded grounds, about 10 km from the village of Quin, and interprets Ireland’s pre-historic and early Christian periods. It features the Crannog (an artificial island used as dwelling), the Ring Fort, the Medieval Castle and the ‘Brendan Boat’ – a leather hulled boat built by Tim Severin who sailed across mid-Atlantic re-enacting the voyage of St. Brendan and the early Christian monks reputed to have discovered America centuries before Columbus.

Each year a special Lughnasa celebration is held at Craggaunowen, with reenactors in historical dresses spanning from the Bronze Age, through Iron Age, Early Medieval to 16th Century. The Festival at Craggaunowen offers a multitude of ongoing displays, demonstrating various aspects of Ireland's history and heritage from different time periods through displays of Bronze Age and Iron Age technology and lifestyle, Roman and Celtic military life, demonstrations of everyday life, textile production, combats and Brehon law courts during the Early Christian period amd military life of the 16th century.

The Programme

Please contact the Organizers for confirmation and further details.

Info & Contact

Association/organization name Shannon Heritage Bunratty Castle & Folk Park
Address of the place: The Craggaunowen Centre, 10 km east of Quin village, County Clare
Address of the organization: Bunratty Castle & Folk Park, Bunratty village, County Clare
Tel.: +35361367178, +35361711200, +35361360788
Fax: +35361472523
E-mail: craggaunowen@gmail.com
Web: http://www.shannonheritage.com/Events/AnnualEvents/LughnasaFestival/

Image: http://www.shannonheritage.com


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