Plataea, Battle 479 BC

The Battle of Plataea, 479 BC
Μάχη τῶν Πλαταιῶν
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Plataies, Thebes (Beotia, Central Greece region)

The Event

Elefthereia, the sacred archaeological site of Plataea in Beotia, Greece, gathers ancient Greeks reenactment groups in a historical camp, to celebrate the famous Battle of Plataea. It was the most important battle during the second Persian invasion of Greece and took place in 479 BC, between the Persian army led by King Xerxes I and the Greek alliance including Sparta, Athens and Corinth.

The battle was fought after the Persian victories at Thermopylae and Artemisium in 480 BC followed by the naval defeat in the Battle of Salamis. The decisive Battle of Plataea was won by Greeks and caused the failure of the Persian invasion. Greece was saved from Persian Conquest and could develop into a cultural power affecting the civilization until today.

In the today historical commemoration the hoplite contingents are involved in an historical parade called Parataxisat, during the celebration. The parade is followed by a solemn ceremony in commemoration of the fallen in battle. The main event in the program is the theatre performance with accompaniment of various ancient musical instruments (flute, bus, pibroch). The theatrical play aims to tell the history and render the sensations of the battle and period. Reenactors perform the ritual oath of the Greeks before the battle, the movements of the phalanx, recreate scenes of the Battle of Plataea, accompanied by the narration about the battle events. The performance is closed by pyrrhic dance and choir of the soldiers, surrounded by Nereids.

The Programme

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