Piné, Napoleonic Week

The Piné plateau and the Napoleonic invasion
L’Altopiano di Piné e l’invasione di Napoleone
Next edition dates to be announced (the event was last held in 2016)
Altopiano di Piné, Trento (Trentino-Alto Adige region)

The Event

The Piné Plateau, located at an altitude of about 900 m, extends parallel to the Cembra Valley, with which it forms a single tourist environment. The distinctive feature of the Piné Plateau landscape is represented by lakes, especially Serraia and Piazze lakes, as well as meadows and woods, biotopes and peat bogs. The Cembra Valley, which has a deep, narrow gorge, formed by the erosion of the River Avisio, is characterized by the terraces on the steep hillsides descending towards the river. There grapes are cultivated for the famous wines and finest grappas. The valley is also home to one of the most unusual geological formations of the whole Trentino region: the Segonzano Pyramids, kind of 10 m high earth pinnacles resulting from the erosion of the mountainside. Finally, the several municipalities on the Piné Plateau and the Cembra Valley boast a quite valuable artistic and cultural heritage, including many monuments, castles and churches recently restored and brought back to their original splendour.

The Napoleonic Invasion in Piné, one of the rare Napoleonic event in the mountains, offers costume parades and torchlight processions, banquets and historical camps, conferences with experts and guided tours. Above all the commemoration of the battles that took place between 1796 and 1797 on the Piné Plateau and the Cembra Valley, where Napoleon's army found a strong resistance of local populations.

The Programme

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Info & Contact

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Azienda per il Turismo Altopiano di Piné e Valle di Cembra
Address: Via C. Battisti, 106 - 38042 Baselga di Piné (Trento), ITALIA
Tel.: +39 0461 557028
Fax: +39 0461 557577

Address: P.zza San Rocco, 10 - 38034 Cembra (Trento) ITALIA
Tel.: +39 0461 683110, +39 0461 680668
Fax: +39 0461 683257


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